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On December 20, Shanying International announced that it would officially rename the paper mill it acquired in the United States as Phoenix Paper Wickliffe LLC

phoenix is called the undead bird in western countries and the Phoenix in China. Its name in the United States is similar to the name of Chinese "Mountain Eagle" in form and spirit

on August 16 this year, Shanying international signed an agreement, and its subsidiary, global win wickliff us e LLC, purchased the company's factory in Wickliffe, Kentucky at a price of $16million

the company said that it was investing $150million to upgrade its factory and that its products would be converted from cultural paper to packaging paper. The plant will also produce bleached hardwood, (4) softwood pulp with maximum load elongation and breaking elongation, and recycled pulp

The Wickliffe factory has been in operation since the late 1960s. In 2014, Verso paper acquired the plant from newpage. The factory covers an area of 23 [China Plastics News] on October 1, the packaging bags with pacxpert technology also have a large shelf display space of 30 acres, including a wood mill, a pulp production line and a paper machine, which can produce 285000 tons of high-grade coated paper and 30000 tons of commercial pulp every year. Due to poor management, the factory stopped production in November 2015, laid off more than 300 workers, and officially closed in 2016 until today

in the acquisition process in August, global win expressed the hope to restart the plant before the end of 2018. It is understood that the company has not restarted production so far

at present, the company has started the recruitment work in American factories

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