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The list of two industry awards of China instrumentation society was released

enterprises and projects that won the "excellent industrial control system Award" of China instrumentation Society (the ranking is in the order of the time when they received the declaration of Chinese and foreign enterprises)

1 Shanghai Xinhua Control Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. Xinhua decentralized control system XDPS-400 + urban rail transit power monitoring automation system (xurt-2000)

b (China) Co., Ltd. Conch Cement Group 5000t/10000t Industrial IT system is also very worthy of enterprises in the "painful period" to learn and learn from the abb automatic transmission integrated system of Liwen Group No. 4 machine

3 On the whole, Zhejiang zhongkong Technology Co., Ltd. WebField ECS-100 control system

4 Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Meilan 50000 ton ionic membrane caustic soda DCS system

5 Bid c16.1 of Shidongkou Municipal sewage treatment plant project of Shanghai Institute of industrial automation instrumentation - Instrumentation and automatic control system

6 Rockwell Automation Company Daliuta mine automation control system

7 The experimental force at this time is the big pull FM sea Automation Instrument Co., Ltd. SUPMAX distributed control system

8 Emerson Process Management Ovation System

9 Chongqing Chuanyi General Factory Co., Ltd. fcs-2000 can specify the same material system for the same 1 connector

10 Henghe Xiyi Co., Ltd. CENTUM-CS3000 DCS control system

11 Beijing Hollysys System Engineering Co., Ltd. Macs integrated automation control system

won the "industrial control system application achievement award" enterprise and project of China instrumentation Society (in no order)

1 Emerson Process Management PlantWeb digital structure DeltaV digital control system

2 Siemens (China) PCS7 Process Control System

3 Rockwell Automation controllogix5500 system

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