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The construction industry and decoration industry develop with the development of market economy. The development of both industries cannot be separated from glass. For example, glass is used in the decoration of hotels, hotels, dance halls, residences, furniture and so on. There is a kind of patterned glass like snowflakes on the market, which is frosted glass. It has a good feel, good appearance and snowflake like vision. Frosted glass cannot be produced without silk printing

frosting refers to a decorative method in which a certain area of glass colored glaze powder is adhered to the product glass, and the glass colored glaze coating is melted on the glass surface after baking at a high temperature of 580~600 ℃, showing a different color from the main body of the glass. Adhering glass colored glaze powder, you can press other keys to eliminate the falling hammer state and brush with a pen. Bayer materials technology will also hold on-site technology exchange meetings covering different topics, which can be roller coated. Through screen printing processing, you can get the floor space pattern on the frosted surface. The method is as follows: on the surface of glass products, a layer of pattern pattern formed by flux inhibitor is screen printed. After the printed pattern is air dried, it can be frosted. Then after baking at high temperature, the frosted surface without pattern and pattern will melt on the glass surface, while the sand surface covered on the pattern cannot melt on the glass surface due to the role of flux inhibitor in the place of silk screen pattern. After baking, the transparent floor space pattern will appear through the translucent sand surface, forming a special decorative effect. Frosted screen printing flux inhibitor, composed of iron oxide, talc powder, clay, etc., is ground by a ball mill with a fineness of 350 mesh, and mixed with adhesive before screen printing

the technological process of making frosted glass: manuscript - plate making - printing glass etching ink - washing - finished product

1. Manuscript: use computer to design the required pattern. The negative film can be output by laser printer for small format, and the large format can be engraved on black instant stickers by computer engraving machine or output by laser Imagesetter

2. plate making: please use mesh polyester fiber for plate making, preferably monofilament polyester cloth, and use water sexy gloss glue for plate making

3. Printing glass etching ink, before printing, it is necessary to remove the dirt and humidity on the surface of the glass, and fully stir the frosting paste (i.e. silk printing ink). Iron ware is not allowed, and it is best to use "bamboo and wood" products. When printing, it is necessary to scrape the plate twice in order to increase the ink. For example, if printing by hand, you can scrape the etching ink from one end to the other, then lift the scraper and put it behind the ink, and then scrape it to the printing end. Its purpose is to increase printing materials. That is to say, the ideal amount of ink is achieved on the glass surface. If the printing is in winter, the etching ink should be heated to 20 ℃ -40 ℃ for best use. Float glass must be selected when using glass, and flat glass is not recommended. Because the thickness of the glass is uneven, after the glass is hot pressed, the uneven cooling makes the material structure of the glass uneven, so even after printing, the plane effect of etching is uneven

4. Washing: store the printed glass for three minutes and then put it into the pool for washing or use a leather pipe to connect with tap water for washing. After the water on the glass dries, it shows a snowflake like pattern. This kind of glass is very popular in the market and is loved by the majority of consumers

tea sets, handicrafts, gift mirrors, glass containers, etc. can be made by using the above processes

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in 2020, with the outbreak of the global epidemic to the effective control of the prevention and control of the domestic epidemic, the global economic pattern has also changed greatly, China is pursuing [details]

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