The LLDPE price of plastic raw materials on May 31

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Analysis of LLDPE price of plastic raw materials on May 31, 2016

I. brief introduction of the market

most of the market prices are easy to wear out and narrow range consolidation, and some of them are mixed. Individual linearity in North China and South China is slightly higher yuan/ton. Linear futures opened higher and rose sharply, only some businesses were supported, slightly higher linear prices, and most stable prices. The follow-up of terminal demand is slow, and most transactions are just needed

II. Brief introduction to the upstream market

Monday is the memorial day of the United States, and the New York Mercantile Exchange is closed. Brent crude oil rose 0.44. The data and curve dynamically showed the US dollar with the experimental process, closing at US $49.76 per barrel

on Monday (May 30), the market price of ethylene in Asia was stable, and the price of CFR Northeast Asia remained stable to close at 1099 5 dollars/ton; CFR Southeast Asia prices remained stable at 1064 5 dollars/ton

III. local market prices

market quotations fluctuate in a narrow range. The demand continues to be flat, and the firm offer is a single deal

PE prices in Nanjing market were consolidated, and the market trading was flat. At the end of the month, there were few market resources, and petrochemicals had not yet issued orders, so traders rarely offered. There is little change in terminal demand, most of which are inquired, and the transaction is negotiated

PE prices in Hangzhou market were adjusted in a narrow range. Linear futures opened higher, but the market reaction at the end of the month was general and continued to ship with them. Downstream demand is flat, and the deal is a single deal

Changzhou market is dominated by PE price consolidation. During straightening, the surface of wire rod shall not be damaged. The market news game, the terminal demand is still tepid, and traders ship goods at a small margin. Factories often purchase on demand, with average transactions

IV. the latest quotation

1. Petrochemical quotation

the listing price of PetroChina North China LLDPE is stable, with 7042 (Jilin) at 8600 yuan/ton, 7042h (Lanzhou Petrochemical) at 8700 yuan/ton, and 0209aa (Dushanzi Petrochemical) at 8500 yuan/ton

the pricing of PetroChina East China LLDPE is stable, with 7042n (Lanzhou) reporting 8600 yuan/ton. More and more plastic enterprises are targeting the recycling tons of waste plastics, 7042 (Sichuan) reporting 8600 yuan/ton, and 7042 (Fushun) reporting 8600 yuan/ton

the pricing of PetroChina Southwest LLDPE is stable, with 7042 (Lanzhou Petrochemical) reporting 8600 yuan/ton, 7042 (Dushanzi Petrochemical) reporting 8600 yuan/ton, and 7042 (Sichuan Petrochemical) reporting 8600 yuan/ton

2. Mall quotation

as of 15:00, the quotations of some brands of China Plastics' spot LLDPE were mixed, with a range of yuan/ton, of which ll0220kj/Shanghai Secco was the lowest reported at 9100 yuan/ton (down 500), and 7042/China Coal Yulin was the lowest reported at 8570 yuan/ton (up 70)

v. future forecast

the market has not yet got rid of the deadlock, and the price fluctuation is limited. Most traders operate flexibly according to their own source of goods, mainly shipping, and some merchants have negotiation space for actual shipping. Downstream factories mainly purchase on demand, lack confidence in the future market, and are confused. It is expected that the short-term market may also maintain a consolidation trend

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