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Xinhu Futures: LLDPE demand is weak and transactions are sluggish

China Plastics price index rose 3.51 points to 1408.11 points, and China Plastics spot index fell 2.41 points to 1385.19 points

I. upstream newsletter:

nymex's original futures rose slightly on Thursday, ending the sharp decline in the previous two trading days. The settlement price of the contract in September closed up $1.05, or 0384%, to $125.49 a barrel

London September Brent crude oil futures closed up $1.15, or 0.92%, at $126.44 a barrel

Asia ethylene recently opened a new market and closed down sharply. CFR Northeast Asia fell $40. Function introduction: report to US dollars/ton, CFR Southeast Asia fell $50 to US dollars/ton

the US dollar fell against the yen, but the US dollar rose to a two-week high against the euro, and the stock market fell sharply

II. Petrochemical trends:

Tianjin United linear unit normally produces 9020, and the inventory in the plant is high. It is planned to stop for maintenance on September 28, and the maintenance time is expected to be about 20 days

CNPC Huabei high voltage linear/low voltage (except cable material/film material/wire drawing material) implements a five-day price guarantee policy, that is, 150 yuan/ton cash discount is paid within five days, high voltage/linear receives three-month bank acceptance bills without discount interest, low-voltage injection molding/film and Jihua 0855s1/linear/high voltage continue to implement the real batch settlement policy, and those with a delivery volume (including direct delivery) of 300 tons or more will be reduced by 50 yuan/ton according to the original settlement price, Only 500 tons and above can be settled at the original settlement price by a decrease of 100

the Zhongyuan ethylene cracking unit starts normally, and the PE unit is put into operation this afternoon, with a planned output of 7050. If there is no accident, it is expected that the product will be offline next Monday

III. market situation:

the inquiry in Qingdao PE market today is relatively light, and the traders' mentality is poor. The quotation of 0916 including tax is 14300 yuan/ton

the local PE market in Panjin has few sources of goods, but the market is relatively depressed, the offers of merchants are scarce, and the downstream manufacturers are not in a hurry to get the goods. The actual transactions are small orders, and the prices are mainly negotiated

the transaction in Shanghai was poor, the price fell slightly, the high pressure was generally stable, and the quotation was flat, but there was room for negotiation

Shantou PE market has arrived in succession today, and market inquiries are scarce. At present, there is a big difference between the spot price and the delivery price. The spot price of 7042 is 13700 yuan/ton, the 2426h is 14200 yuan/ton, 14700 yuan/ton, and the delivery price is 14250 yuan/ton

Changzhou PE market is relatively cold, the quotation is chaotic, and the actual transactions are few. 7042 oil is at yuan/ton, high pressure is at yuan/ton, a small amount of 5000S arrives at 15000 yuan/ton, and injection molding is at yuan/ton

at the same time, strict environmental protection control in Shunde is more conducive to the optimization of industrial structure. Today, the inquiry in PE market is poor, and the price continues to decline by yuan/ton. The direct delivery price in Maoming is 100 yuan/ton lower than the spot price

IV. business mentality:

Petrochemical insisted that it would not fall again before the end of the month, but market confidence was not encouraged at all. LLDPE prices continued to remain upside down, and the actual transaction was close to the 14000 yuan/ton mark. Sluggish demand is still the key to the failure of the market to improve

on the whole, the market trading atmosphere is light, contract users are not willing to implement the planned volume, middlemen lose confidence in stocking, most downstream manufacturers wait and see, and few transactions

v. disk information:

the main 809 contract of LLDPE of big commercial exchange opened slightly lower at 13860 yuan/ton this morning, with a maximum of 13985 yuan/ton and a minimum of 13785 yuan/ton. The daily volatility was 200 points. It closed at 13790 yuan/ton at the end of the day, and the K-line barefoot closed negative. It was still suppressed by all averages. The transaction volume further shrank to 27028 hands, and the empty volume was reduced by 1674 to 13662 hands

Sinopec informed the contract households that the plan must be completed in July and promised not to reduce prices this month. However, this move has little incentive for contract users to take goods

the actual problem is that weak downstream demand is difficult to transform into Petrochemical inventory pressure, so that prices are all the way down

in addition, the recent sharp decline in international oil prices, from a psychological point of view, is a great restraint on consumption. Middlemen are confused and always looking at the bottom line of the decline. The operating rate of downstream manufacturers is very low, so they have no intention to stock up and wait for the bottom to form

spot demand is the key, and futures funds are the key. At present, neither is available, and technology is also weak

opportunities in life are created, and opportunities in futures need to wait

note: the reprinted contents all indicate the source. The electronic tensile testing machine is also increasingly appearing in the laboratories of plastic injection molding and extrusion manufacturers today. The purpose of the reprint is to convey more information, which does not mean to agree with its views or confirm the authenticity of its contents

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