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The list of winners of the first phase of Yanxiang's "password scraping and winning" activity was announced

on February 20, the list of winners of the first phase of the "password scraping and winning" activity organized by Yanxiang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was officially announced in Shenzhen. Zhang Linyu, a user from Tianjin, and Luo Ping, a user from Chongqing, won the first prize of the first phase of this activity, and won one Sony high-definition digital camera respectively. (for the detailed list of winners, please click the following link address ahref= 60695 ⑵ ⑴ 2) gwfi: (0.35mm) 960 ℃ P)

according to the relevant media, Yanxiang is a brand and powerful enterprise, and its R & D and production of EIP series products have been widely and deeply applied in all walks of life, especially the rapid development in recent years, and the establishment of Yanxiang's leading brand position in the local EIP industry, Driven by competing interests, many illegal businesses and operators deliberately sell fake Evonik products by imitating the company to build a factory in Rhodes for localized production, OEM and other means, which has brought great economic and associated losses to the majority of users. Since the launch of the event, it has received extensive praise and positive response from many industrial computer users. Hundreds of users have participated in the event in only two months. Some winning users reported that we are not calling whether we win the prize or not. We also hate the counterfeiters and sellers, which has caused us great direct economic losses. We support the "password scraping and winning" activity planned by Yanxiang company, and the focus of the activity also fully reflects the view of "representing the fundamental interests of Yanxiang's most users" put forward by Yanxiang company

in the interview, xurong, marketing director of Yanxiang company, said: "the significance of Yanxiang company holding this event is not only to standardize the industry market and safeguard the interests of Yanxiang customers", "at the same time, Yanxiang also hopes to enhance the sincere communication between the supply and demand sides through such interactive activities. From the number of users participating in this event, it has fully shown that customers support and love Yanxiang brand."

background information:

in order to regulate the industry market and effectively curb the illegal acts of counterfeiting Yanxiang products, Yanxiang company has implemented the product code counterfeiting system in the industrial control industry for the first time since January 1 this year, and pasted special anti-counterfeiting marks on all genuine products (including EIP board level mold opening and shell level series products) that have been strictly inspected and delivered. Any customer who purchases Yanxiang products can scrape the password area of the anti-counterfeiting logo affixed to the products, enter the product password of the logo in the form of station and SMS, identify the genuine products, and participate in the lottery

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