The LLDPE price of plastic raw materials on June 1

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On June 12, 2016, the price analysis of plastic raw material LLDPE

I. brief introduction of the market

the market price continued to rise slightly, and the price of some parts in all regions was slightly higher than 50 yuan/ton. After the festival, the trading atmosphere in the market was light. Most merchants accompanied with stable price offers, and some goods were few and the price was slightly higher. The terminal is cautious in preparing goods, and it is mainly used and taken at any time

II. Overview of upstream market

crude oil futures fell on Friday. The settlement price of WTI light and low sulfur crude oil futures in July on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) fell $1.49 to $49.07 a barrel, or 2.9%. The settlement price of Brent crude oil futures in August on the London Intercontinental Exchange (ice) fell $1.41 to $50.54 a barrel, or 2.7%

on Friday (June 10), the market price of ethylene in Asia was stable, and the price of CFR Northeast Asia remained stable to close at 1044 5 dollars/ton; CFR Southeast Asia prices remained stable at 1044 5 dollars/ton

III. local market conditions

market quotation sorting. The demand continues to be tested on the dynamic characteristics of flat foundation. 4. The exclusive specification of environmental experimental conditions gb/t 5026. Its product quality is directly related to the overall safety of cars and the life safety of passengers. 9 (9) 7. The firm offer is a single deal

Changzhou market is dominated by PE price consolidation. Recently, the international oil price has fallen slightly, the market trading atmosphere is general, and the merchants offer less, so they often ship with them. The downstream factories followed up slowly, and the firm deal was just needed.

most of the PE prices in Panjin market were sorted out. Recently, the international oil price fell slightly, petrochemical lowered some ex factory prices, and merchants followed the quotation slightly. The inquiry of end customers is mediocre, and the transaction just needs to be dominated

PE prices in Chengdu market are mainly sorted out. The high level of international oil prices fell back. After the holiday, the market trading atmosphere was flat. Many traders made small profits to ship goods. The enthusiasm of terminal factories for inquiry was not high, and the transaction remained in rigid demand

IV. in terms of the latest quotation, the listing price of PetroChina North China LLDPE is stable, with 7042 (Daqing) at 8600 yuan/ton, 7042h (Lanzhou Petrochemical) at 8700 yuan/ton, and 0209aa (Dushanzi Petrochemical) at 8600 yuan/ton

the listing price of PetroChina Southwest LLDPE is stable, with 7042n (Lanzhou Petrochemical) at 8650 yuan/ton, 7042 (Dushanzi Petrochemical) at 8650 yuan/ton, and 7042 (Sichuan Petrochemical) at 8650 yuan/ton

the individual pricing of PetroChina East China LLDPE has been raised. The 83 cupping experimental machine can be divided into digital display type and microcomputer controlled type according to different display and control methods. 20 (Daqing Petrochemical) increased by 100 yuan to 9200 yuan/ton, 7042 (Fushun) to 8700 yuan/ton, and 7042h (Lanzhou Petrochemical) to 8850 yuan/ton

v. future market forecast

some petrochemical prices continue to rise, and some businesses continue to rise with the support of many positive factors such as less goods. However, from the current reality, the enthusiasm of end users and middlemen to enter the market will not be significantly improved before the trend is not clear. Therefore, it is difficult to improve the situation of sluggish transactions. It is expected that there is little possibility of sharp rises and falls in the market after the festival, and narrow fluctuations are still the mainstream trend

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