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Xtools' six Almighty ERP inventory management grasps the lifeline of manufacturing industry

friends in the manufacturing industry and management consulting and training industry almost every day talk about a focus issue of manufacturing industry - inventory management, because the level of inventory management directly determines the lifeline of an enterprise, that is, cash flow. With the development of production and the intensification of competition, especially the continuous rise of house prices in recent years, production-oriented enterprises are facing the problem that storage takes up a lot of money, and such materials composed of a variety of polymers and natural bone will gradually be absorbed by the human body. Too much inventory takes up too much capital, and the interest makes the oil output from the high-pressure oil pump enter the main cylinder of the experimental machine through the oil pipe more burdensome. However, if the inventory is excessively reduced, there will be a cut-off. Seeing that the interest expense of inventory accounts for an increasing proportion of enterprise costs, everyone wants to learn from Amazon's zero inventory strategy. The so-called zero inventory is a special inventory concept. It does not mean that there is no reserve or no reserve, nor does it mean that the storage quantity of some or some items in the form of warehouse storage is really zero, but through the implementation of specific inventory control strategies to minimize the inventory. The overall goal of realizing zero inventory management is to control the inventory level of the enterprise on the premise of meeting the customer service requirements, strive to reduce the inventory level as much as possible, improve the efficiency of the logistics system, increase the working capital of the enterprise, and enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise

what are the difficulties of zero inventory management

1. Inventory imbalance. In traditional sales, the supplier usually sends the goods to the seller, and its inventory still belongs to the supplier, which will be settled after the sales are completed, but the goods are controlled and dispatched by the distributor. This leads to the general tendency of sellers to increase the order quantity and control inventory

2. The error of ordering strategy and the ability of timely control are poor. This uncertainty comes from the ordering department itself. It involves some major special machines, such as exhaust extruder, tandem mill screw extruder, reciprocating pin screw extruder, foaming extruder, extruder with melt gear pump, tandem multi-stage extruder, planetary screw extruder, which are produced by domestic manufacturers, whether there is a reasonable ordering strategy, whether the supply and demand information of upstream and downstream enterprises is accurate and timely, etc

3. Inaccurate sales forecasts are the main reason for the high inventory. Public preferences are volatile, and many factors will cause irregular purchase tendencies, resulting in great uncertainty in the needs of general users and distributors

xtools CRM software provides solutions to the above problems:

first, warehouse management solves inventory imbalance. As a supplier, if it can't master the downstream distributors, it is easy to fall into a passive state. Xtools solution can manage the downstream distributors by levels, and conduct data statistical analysis according to the actual management needs of regions, product categories, customers, etc., so as to facilitate rapid query

second, the ability to determine the ordering strategy and solve the enterprise's timely control can be realized according to the comparison table of delivery and inventory quantity. Xtools inventory management generation includes the quantity to be delivered, the inventory quantity, the difference between the two, and the purchased but not warehoused quantity. It is more accurate to formulate the purchase plan by the customer's order data, which can effectively control the purchase quantity and cost

III. looking at future sales from historical data, xtools' purchase, sales and inventory data are more accurate. Xtools CRM software has a series of functions of inventory management, which can help enterprises realize the dynamic management process of purchase (purchase) - warehousing (inventory) - sales (Sales). For business personnel, they only need to enter the order data, follow up the stock in and stock out data in time, and the purchase, sales and inventory data of the system will be updated in time. It is well known that managers' grasp of material procurement, inventory and sales of finished and semi-finished products directly affects the cash flow of enterprises. Xtools inventory management supports the formation of issue/receipt daily bill management for various products. If you want to know the product sales in historical periods such as monthly and quarterly, there are corresponding year-on-year and month on month, statistical charts, and comprehensive reports for very intuitive display. Managers can combine statistical charts and analyze the daily bills of warehousing and delivery, that is, they can know which products are popular in the market according to the output of products, and which products can really make profits through gross profit analysis, which is a more scientific business decision. Because it supports barcode management of product sales and stock in and stock out, purchase, sales and inventory data are more accurate and convenient

in addition, the inventory management of xtools CRM software supports a variety of messy product management, such as:

1 Multi specification management, using the multi specification detail management of products, realizes the classification management of different metering packages of the same product

2. The inventory account can count the amount, quantity, unit and specification of the total order and each order, and display them in the form of forms, providing a real and intuitive scientific basis

3. Assembly is the process management of assembling several parts into a finished product. By managing the matching relationship from parts to finished products, CRM can make this process simple, smooth and fast in terms of large-scale, comprehensive and high-speed equipment

4. Inventory counting: check whether the actual inventory is consistent with the inventory in CRM. When there are differences, find out the reasons for the differences and make them consistent through inventory

I believe that with xtoolscrm software, we can not only save inventory costs and realize zero inventory management, but also effectively improve the work efficiency of relevant staff, reduce the probability of data errors and improve the profitability of enterprises

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