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Xtools CRM view: a major breakthrough of spectral instruments in CRM industry. Company Profile:

Shanghai spectral instruments Co., Ltd. (Shanghai spectrum) was founded in early 1999. It is one of the major R & D and production manufacturers in China's analytical instruments industry today, and it is also a major supplier of analytical instruments made in China in the international market

Shanghai spectroscopy has also established good cooperative relations with many famous key universities, Chinese Academy of Sciences, national key laboratories, as well as many academicians of the two academies, well-known professors, and well-known experts in the analytical instrument industry. The company also has an advisory group composed of academicians, doctoral tutors and experienced experts to provide decision-making advice for the company's development direction, technological progress and enterprise management

industry background:

with the rapid development of China's environmental protection, consumer goods safety, industrial modernization and other fields, the huge market prospect of spectrometer has attracted international spectrometer manufacturers from all over the world. They continue to increase the strategic layout of the Chinese market and compete for the market share of carbon fiber composites in the field of automobile utilization, although it has shown great development potential

domestic enterprises also began to emerge gradually, but generally speaking, the scale is small, and most products are concentrated in the field of medium and low-end products, which is in a relatively weak position in the competition. While paying attention to the improvement of their own brands, a few domestic manufacturers have gradually gained advantages in technology, high cost performance and other aspects through the improvement of technology and services, and made important breakthroughs in some technologies and markets

in the communication, Mr. Zhu of Shanghai spectrum told us his concerns over the past few years. In the early days of the company's establishment, he had been worried about the level of technology. Now the domestic economy is developing rapidly, and they have also been devoted to research. Now the enterprise is getting bigger and bigger, but it is getting less and less in place in sales management and customer maintenance. This is a problem that president Zhu urgently needs to solve

solution: customer view

customers carry out unified arrangement of standard and network factory production network cables, so that every employee can clearly know that we need to understand that the information of customers is effective and the key operation is normal. Here xtools CR1 generally 1 starts to find images, first use the customer view of low power objective m, and provide each customer with standard + personalized archives

a. each customer has its own small label, which not only covers the basic information of customers that we must know, but also has all the information of customers. It is organized in detail by categories and stages. In this way, each customer has its own powerful database, which provides strong basic support for our negotiation with customers

b. scientific and perfect pre-sales tracking process, and each tracking is neatly recorded in the book, so that we can fully grasp the requirements and needs of customers. The analysis of quotation and transaction opportunities, and the price war between customers and us can be easily grasped

c. efficient and fast order process, online order building, online approval, online order placing, online warehouse notification, online payment collection, and online workflow

d. a considerate and attentive after-sales service system. According to products and customers' conditions, SFA will automatically return visits to customers on a regular basis, so that customers can feel your considerate service. Record customer needs one by one, integrate customer information, and provide customers with perfect service solutions

e. customer care. Xtools CRM customer view has the basic information of customer personnel. Whether it is the reminder of birthday or the record of important information, it gives customers the experience of VVIP

president Zhu never thought that a simple label view could help them sort out customers so clearly. Now the customer has completed the information archiving and scientific maintenance plan

scientific customer management xtools CRM customer view is the first choice. You can log in specifically: enter free registration and trial. There are also 7 * 24-hour customer service, which can certainly help you better maintain customers

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