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The experimental machine designed by xivil and D is less effective. Am technology cross media publishing

dam is the English abbreviation of "digital asset management", and it has another name "content management" (also abbreviated as cm in English). With the development of cross media publishing, dam has been paid more and more attention by the publishing industry. Dam is no longer just a tool for digital information storage and management. It is gradually evolving into the core of the publishing system in the era of the Federation of trade unions. The technological progress that dam brings to cross media publishing has been fully proved in the application of Chinese publishing users

first, the change of information life cycle makes dam go to the front stage of information release.

interconnection not only affects the traditional publishing, production and distribution, but also profoundly affects the published information itself. The carrier of publishing information is no longer a single paper medium. The organization of publishing information is no longer a simple linear structure. Especially, the life cycle of publishing information has been greatly changed with the emergence of interconnection. After the newspaper completes its first life cycle, its digital form will begin the second life cycle of the longer backbone interconnection of newspaper information. It has become a trend for digital publishing information to be retrieved, reused and rewritten by transactions

under this trend, cross media publishing technology came into being. Making one release for many times has become the goal pursued by the publishing industry. In this demand, the traditional document management system and database system are somewhat inadequate. Fortunately, the dam system based on XML can just meet the requirements of cross media publishing. First of all, XML documents with no data make it possible to reuse publishing information. Its regional industrial chain is gradually. The appearance of opal is a dense glass block. Mature sub XML documents have no data related to the performance of publishing information, so that publishing content can be published on any media in theory. Dam system is duty bound to manage XML documents in the cross media publishing system. Interconnection makes dam go to the front stage of information release and become the technical core of cross media publishing

second, dam is the foundation of cross media publishing system

it should be said that dam is not specially prepared for cross media publishing. Only specially designed dam that meets special functional requirements can meet the requirements of cross media publishing. A dam system that meets this requirement can be composed of xmlga structured processing of publishing information, storage and retrieval of XML data, and cross media publishing of publishing information. It should be said that until today, most commonly used word typesetting software is face-to-face printing and printing. In order to store the result data output by these software in OAM system, normalization processing must be carried out to convert these data into XML data. Realizing the automatic processing of this conversion is the goal that people have been pursuing. The current technology is still quite far from people's expectations, so that the demand for this kind of data conversion has led to a data processing industry specialized in converting data formats. It is also necessary to store the data in the data storage system of dam system in XML format. An easy-to-use XML device is very important

the xmltg construction of publishing information has laid a good data foundation for the realization of automatic cross media publishing. The problem of publishing information on the Internet can be solved by matching XML data with the style of dry display XSLT. But XML data printing and CD-ROM publishing will take some trouble, especially now that rip does not support XML output. An optional method is to embed XML data directly into the layout of the typesetting software through the software plug-in technology, and the typesetting software realizes the transfer of XML data to PS data. After the problem of publishing paper media is solved, the problem of converting PS to PDF disc is also solved

cross media information publishing is only one aspect of the important application of dam to provide information. The retrieval and mining transactions of publishing information can be realized in the dam system, so that the life cycle of publishing information can be effectively extended. The organic combination of dam technology and cross media publishing technology describes a broad development space for the development of electronic publishing technology

Third, founder cross media publishing system based on dam

Founder Electronics has applied dam technology and SGML technology to cross media publishing system since 1995. At present, its products include cross media publishing system serving Chinese newspaper industry and cross media publishing system serving Dictionary Publishing. Founder's newspaper cross media publishing system is shown in the figure below.

the dam system shown in the figure above adopts the nitf format based on MML as the core data standard, thus ensuring the data feasibility of cross media publishing. The XML filter program converts the output format of common software for collecting and writing manuscripts into nitf format. XML editor realizes the compilation of existing manuscripts and new manuscripts. The output of this system is undoubtedly cross media

the cross media publishing system of Founder Electronic Dictionary Publishing is shown in the figure below (Figure omitted)

this system was developed since 1995. At that time, there was no XML, so SGML was adopted. Dictionaries belong to a kind of publications with a long life cycle, but partial revision of some professional entries is necessary. The original intention of designing this system is to meet the needs of printing reprint and CD-ROM publishing. Fortunately, SGML was chosen at the beginning, which makes it a very natural result to expand the publishing capacity of the system to the Internet. The characteristic of the system is that it realizes the automatic conversion from the electronic data format of printed dictionaries to SGML format

IV. prospects of dam in the field of cross media publishing

dam has given convincing applications in the field of publishing, but there are still many problems to be studied and solved. The data analysis function in dam system is usually realized by data mining technology. Traditional data mining technology is mainly based on plain text data and structured data in relational database. How to mine XML data in dam? This is a problem worth studying. Another problem that needs to be solved in cross media publishing based on dam is the problem of automatic summarization. Due to the different dry release media, the content in dam cannot be simply released directly, especially for the small screen release device, it is more necessary to abbreviate the longer content information into shorter release information. Only by realizing the automatic abbreviation function of content can we meet the needs of the automatic publishing function on the small screen publishing device. Before the word tool software for dam is widely accepted, the need to automatically convert the output results of printing oriented typesetting software into dam data for cross media publishing will continue. If the problem of automatic format conversion cannot be solved well, it will become a bottleneck problem that hinders the development of publishing dam

due to the characteristics of cross media publishing and the characteristics of publishing information itself, the publishing oriented dam system has irreplaceable advantages over other information management systems at present. From this point of view, both the dam system itself and the potential application demand of the dam application system will continue to grow, especially due to the hypermedia characteristics of the Internet information release, the dam system for Internet information release must have the functions of data description, management and release of video, audio and animation other than text, image and graphics. Fortunately, general dam manufacturers have developed many products in this regard, which has laid a solid foundation for the development of cross media publishing application dam technology

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