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Xtools CRM has become the driving force of the new energy industry

the new energy industry has developed very rapidly in China. Due to the new technology and the characteristics of environmental protection, this industry soon has a large number of customer groups. The customer group that has increased in the short term, but it did not mention whether the relevant terminals have looseness and high sales performance. This problem made Ruiyi new energy Co., Ltd. think deeply

Ruiyi new energy Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in lithium primary batteries invested and established by Ruiyi group in China. Ruiyi new energy is one of the major global suppliers of lithium batteries with international advanced technology. Based on the technological frontier of lithium battery production, Ruiyi new energy Co., Ltd. has gathered authoritative experts in electrochemistry at home and abroad, specializing in the R & D, production and sales of lithium thionyl chloride (Li SOCl2) batteries and lithium manganese dioxide batteries (Li MnO2)

there is no doubt that new technologies have brought many new target customer groups, so why did these customer groups fail to make orders in the end, and what link went wrong? The salesman has been running the market. Where did he go? What link does the customer promote? We urgently need answers to these questions

through communication with President Wang of Ruiyi new energy, the senior implementation consultant of xtools helped Ruiyi new energy to optimize the management of the following businesses:

1 All customer data are integrated and managed. Xtools assists Ruiyi new energy to input all customer data into the system. The monthly customer growth rate is supported by clear data. Based on these data, the analysis of industries and regions is carried out quickly. A powerful database is thus formed

2. The customer's tracking process is fully controlled, and the customer view: action history + after-sales service record + Jixin (call recording, e-mail and SMS collection and data summary) restores the salesperson's documentary thinking, which can more accurately find out the problems in the sales process,

3 Use the location management app to carry out real-time supervision on the working position and track of field staff, and continue to lead the global market demand trace, so as to maximize the value of human resources. In addition, xtools palm treasure can enable enterprise business to be carried out at any time and anywhere, including customers, sales follow-up, query management products, check payment collection, project progress, submission Look at the announcement issued by the company, which also enables field personnel to track customers and provide effective promotion

according to Mr. Wang's feedback, Ruiyi new energy, with the assistance of advanced technology and xtools CRM tools, has improved its sales performance by nearly 20% in three months, making xtools, an interested company, a reputation as an enterprise driving force in the new energy industry. Now xtools CRM focuses on the promotion and management of enterprise business based on the six Almighty, delves into the growth points of enterprise profits, and explores a more perfect way of customer management. Let's move and continuously strengthen the market position in this field, and the power machine will act forever. The above are the successful cases of new energy industry enterprises using xtools CRM for various large-scale buildings. If you are also unable to find a breakthrough for profit growth and seek the help of external tools in the promotion of sales team, we can provide you with industry implementation suggestions. You can register your account directly to experience () or contact our consultant to help you with the early management consultation

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