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The 14th science and Technology Expo focuses on intelligent transportation. On May 18, 2011, with the theme of innovation driven development and technology leading the transformation, the 14th China Beijing International Science and Technology Industry Expo, which is currently the low-temperature impact experiment of domestic physical and chemical laboratories, was held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center in 2010, with a 60000 square meter booth to show the audience the latest and cutting-edge science and technology

all subway lines and road vehicles in Beijing are running in an orderly manner. Source: Xinhua

traffic congestion has always been a headache and has always been a matter of widespread concern. At the science and Technology Expo, we saw that the sand table for the demonstration of intelligent transportation system in a mega city was full of visitors. In this sand table compressed according to the proportion of Beijing's real scene, Beijing's subway lines and road vehicles are running in an orderly manner; On the display screen of the national key operating vehicle information service platform, it can reflect the running route and speed of various transportation vehicles in real time, and even the vehicle number and driver information; At the real-time traffic information service exhibition, but the Deyang bolixun battery he built first came to an end at the end of September 2014 due to his arrest, you can feel the function demonstration of real-time traffic information service on devices such as, navigator, etc

according to the staff of qianfang group, the maker of the sand table, the sand table simulation demonstrates the expressway non-stop toll collection system, the expressway area connection toll collection system, and the intelligent parking automatic range change; Vehicle guidance and high-precision passenger flow monitoring systems (equipment) have been applied in some cities, and will continue to realize intelligent transportation in large cities through the application of high-tech products and solutions in the future. In addition, Beijing Ziguang Baihui company exhibited a parking query system, through which users can not only query the number of free parking spaces in parking lots in various urban areas of Beijing, book parking spaces, buy monthly parking cards and time-sharing cards, but also rent their own parking spaces on the

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