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Focusing on personnel optimization, big tooth company seizes every moment to challenge "impossible"

focusing on personnel optimization, big tooth company seizes every moment to challenge "impossible standard setting"

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although it was expected, orders soared all the way into October, and its growth rate was unexpected. The market is an order. Facing the rare opportunity of market recovery, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Datong Gear Co., Ltd. quickly gathered, and the employees were enthusiastic. The roaring machine processing workshop, dedicated and busy employees, fast-moving hurried footsteps, shuttling logistics vehicles... Everything here is like being pressed the "fast forward button". When you are exposed to it, you feel a spirit of seizing the day and a spirit of decisive victory

in November, the output of the company's main products soared, and 8000 sets of gearbox assemblies were assembled, an increase of 47% over October; 130000 engine gears were completed, an increase of 87% over October

market segmentation, continuous innovation, and efforts to surpass the leading product structure adjustment have brought development opportunities for enterprises

"opportunities are for those who are prepared". From the initial small machinery factory, a large-scale professional agricultural machinery gear production factory, to the research and development and production of automobile transmission "entering the automobile industry", an independent innovation system covering the whole field of enterprise production, sales, supply and so on has been formed. For many years, the original intention of "big tooth" to lead the research and development market, drive continuous innovation, and constantly adjust the product structure has never changed

in recent years, "big teeth" has continuously subdivided the market, adjusted the product structure according to the market demand, and expanded to "marketable" and "medium and high-end products". Taking "new type, serialization and lightweight" as the main line of new product development, the company has invested a lot of money and talents to fully develop 299 extruded polystyrene foam boxes for automotive transmission with energy conservation, environmental protection, comfortable driving and good maneuverability, and improved the cast iron shell into aluminum shell gearbox to achieve energy conservation and environmental protection; Adopt full synchronizer to realize stable transmission; The use of fine and high teeth can reduce noise and improve intensity... The application of a series of advanced technologies makes the "big teeth" gearbox fully meet the requirements of light vehicles, medium-sized vehicles, heavy vehicles, road vehicles, engineering vehicles, passenger cars and other vehicles. Different gears from gear 5 to gear 16 can match all commercial vehicles with 60 to 450 horsepower

it is understood that the investment of "big tooth" in technological transformation from 2013 to 2015 reached 140million yuan, and its independently developed transmissions won the "Original Innovation Award" in the selection of independent innovation achievements of Chinese automobiles. In the words of Wu Zhenghe, chairman of "big teeth", the adjustment of product structure has ushered in a rare development opportunity for the enterprise, and we must firmly grasp and continue to make efforts

"the radish is fast, it is more necessary to wash the mud", implement the high-quality strategy, promote the red line of quality, and the market is selling well. The quality is the first "unwavering"

in October, November and December, orders increased month by month. In order to ensure timely delivery, the work plan originally formulated by each department of "big tooth" was "forced" to be changed to every day. In the words of Wang Zhushan, an engineer of the shell team in the box processing department, in order to improve the output, they spent all their efforts and brains to break the Convention and challenge the "impossible". Even there is a specified time for dumping scrap iron every day to ensure the highest efficiency. However, the basis and premise of all this is excellent quality support

"the radish is faster, it is more necessary to wash the mud", "big teeth" has implemented the concept of "performance oriented evaluation of work effectiveness, problem oriented deepening of work quality" throughout the company, implemented the principle of quality red line, and strictly investigated the behavior that touched the red line; Establish an internal quality evaluation system, and link the evaluation results with performance to ensure the consistency and reliability of quality; Innovating quality management and transforming the customary post inspection control into process control; Establish and improve the quality information feedback system and problem disposal system to ensure the traceability of quality. In the face of the hot market, "big teeth" has a stronger awareness of implementing the boutique strategy, and the measures are more rigorous. The purpose of "quality first" is "unwavering"

the market continues to ferment, production continues to increase, and the highest record of daily output of engine gear and assembly gearbox assembly continues to be refreshed. However, quality should not be forgotten in quantity. Self inspection, patrol inspection, special inspection and finished product inspection should be carried out in "big teeth". Each process should be inspected when handing over to the next process, and unqualified products should be rejected. Walking into the engine gear processing department, the red line warning card hanging next to the equipment prone to problems is particularly eye-catching, in order to remind employees to tighten the string of quality all the time. Man engine gear requires high precision, and the appearance is not allowed to have any bumps. The gear processing Department has installed 6 incandescent lamps near sunlight in Japan at the cleaning and packaging line. The employees are staring under the lamps, and their eyes are sore every day after work. In recent months, man engine gear appearance quality "zero" feedback

the ancients said that "those who do great things must be people-oriented", "big teeth" pays attention to personnel optimization and efficiency, and strives to "bond" employees with different positions, different abilities and different pursuits, so as to give full play to their maximum effectiveness.

peek resin will expand its scope of application in the automotive field, aircraft manufacturing, electronic appliances, industrial manufacturing and medical treatment.

through competition, Wang Zhushan, a secondary technical expert of the enterprise, has become an engineer in the box processing department, The work is big and the working hours are long, but after more than a year of practice, for Wang Zhushan, the challenges and anxiety he faced at the beginning have disappeared. Instead, he has a strong enthusiasm for work. The running in of "grounding" makes his technical advantages fully play. It used to be "passive" acceptance of problems, but now it is "active" to find ways to solve problems. Technological breakthroughs and process improvements have improved production efficiency and product quality. Wang Zhushan's income has also increased from less than 6000 yuan to nearly 9000 yuan. Since the beginning of last year, "big tooth" has implemented the engineer system, integrating 101 teams of the original 10 processing departments into 41 field division teams. The seamless connection and effective integration of technical advantages and front-line production management is also an important factor for "big tooth" to ensure quality and delivery under the condition of continuous increase in orders

carry out the overall training of engineers' team ability, and transfer the advantages and skills of engineers to all employees; Carry out computer skills popularization training for supervisors and managers to improve the level of computer application; Organize quality development training for ordinary employees and carry out skill competitions. Diversified training has improved the comprehensive quality and teamwork awareness of employees. Employees have the ability to work in at least two types of work, and they can excel at the critical moment

after entering the fourth quarter, the pressure of "volume increase" is increasing day by day. The original two shifts have become three shifts. It is inevitable that the production will be postponed and people will stop working. The front-line employees will be hard and tired, but everyone's energy is involuntarily highly concentrated. In the words of employee Li Yong, when the enterprise is good, employees will be good, and production must not be affected because of their "chain failure". It's also true that you can't take care of your family every day, so it's painful and happy. The demand for man engine gears continues to increase. Zhao Jianhong, an engineer from the engine gear processing department, said that their production capacity has increased from 100, 150 to 200 sets per day. Now they are challenging 230 sets and striving to reach 260 sets. Du Bingcun's son, a lathe worker, suffered a muscle strain in his arm at school. He only comforted his son in the classroom and returned to work. There are countless examples like this. Du Bingcun said that more work you do, more money you earn, and overtime is voluntary. It is understood that the average income of employees has increased by more than 30% in recent months. A person in charge of the company said that for employees' unrepentant efforts, on the one hand, they maximize employees' income, on the other hand, they extend employees' rest time in the off-season of production and high-temperature holidays every year, so as to ensure that the annual holidays are in place

in Datong in winter, despite the warm sun, the air is still full of biting chill. However, entering the "big tooth" production site, waves of "heat" come to our faces, and the employees are full of energy. While reflecting their life value, they create "impossibilities" for the company and strive for a better tomorrow for the enterprise

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