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Xtools CRM escorts zhuoxi intelligence to double its sales performance.

the reason why the application in the power industry can excel is mainly due to historical factors and the support of relevant policies. Generally speaking, the time when the perimeter defense system entered the Chinese market can be traced back to the 1990s (before that, the perimeter defense mainly focused on infrared radiation products). First, Israel Magal introduced products to China through agent channels, while in 1999, France lacme was opening the Chinese market by setting up an office in Shanghai. Hong Tian, general manager of the measurement department of the ductility of materials of Shanghai lecomiqiantong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., said that the first set of electronic fence cases applied in the power industry in China is the Nanqiao substation in Shanghai. Generally, two sets of units will be set in the substation (four or five sets may be set in larger ones) - one is hard equipment with high voltage, which can't be touched by thieves; One set is standby equipment, which is not charged, and many materials in the control box are silver, copper and other expensive heavy metals. The overall value of the equipment is also high, which is easy to become the target of curfew. Once it is stolen or destroyed, it will not only cause heavy losses, but also cause large-scale power outages, which will seriously affect people's livelihood. Generally, infrared radiation products are prone to false alarm due to their weak anti-interference ability to all kinds of outdoor weather and environment, and electronic fences can better solve such problems

lizhongfa, the sales director of Shanghai zhuoxi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as zhuoxi intelligent), also pointed out that the generally successful application of electronic fence in the power industry has also prompted the introduction of policies by relevant units. For example, Anhui Province required all substations within its jurisdiction to use electronic fences in 2008, and the No. 61 document of the State Grid in 2009 was the same. The introduction of various corresponding policies has also contributed to the electronic fence Market

zhuoxi intelligence, the leader of electronic fence, is the world's leading perimeter alarm system supplier and security solution service provider, committed to providing customers with reliable perimeter alarm system products and security system solutions

since 1938, it has continuously provided top-level security solutions and services to more than 100 countries on five continents around the world. Its products have a market share of 82.3% in Australia, Europe and the Americas, and 78.6% in Africa, Asia and some countries. After nearly a century of continuous efforts, customers have spread all over the world. At present, it has cooperated with Exxon Mobil, BP, PetroChina, China Guodian, China Southern Power Volkswagen and many other Fortune 500 enterprises and governments have established strategic partnerships. Products in Greater China are widely used in the fields of military, electric power, water conservancy, education, energy, communications, enterprises and institutions, governments, real estate communities and so on, and have been successively applied to the power and water conservation of the 2008 Olympic Games, the power and water conservation of the 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo, the power and water conservation of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, the power and water conservation of the 2010 National Games Water conservation and other major engineering projects

zhuoxi intelligent entered China, and then brought the world's advanced management concepts into Chinese companies. Faced with the fact that most of the businesses involved are group key customers, and the sales projects have huge and complex characteristics, zhuoxi intelligence actively responds to the advanced CRM customer management concept and uses strong management backing to ensure the healthy and ecological development of the sales projects maintained by customers. In this process, xtools CRM is the most trusted partner of zhuoxi intelligence. Combined with the worldwide experience in CRM project implementation and various industry problems, xtools CRM fully integrates the characteristics of Chinese enterprise customer relations, and has successively launched a cloud computing management platform designed around the dimensions of customer sales enterprise. In the past 10 years, CRM management systems have been successfully built for tens of thousands of Chinese enterprises across 53 industries, and the landing value of this foreign perfect and mature concept has been introduced into many enterprises, achieving excellent results of doubling sales performance

through multi-party communication, zhuoxi intelligent deployed xtools CRM customer management system, sales opportunity management and bidding management based on business characteristics. Xtools CRM cloud computing management system eliminates the complex work of hardware and software installation and deployment. In the past, after rapid entry of complex and huge customer networks, using the customer view function, enterprises can instantly compile the departments and relevant principals involved in one or more sales projects into a clear tree diagram, which can be accessed and consulted by salespersons anytime and anywhere, eliminating the special management of customer information. Every time a customer obtains new customer information, the feedback information can be recorded in the CRM system according to the initial visit and demand analysis. Through subsequent continuous communication and analysis, the salesperson can quickly classify the needs of different customers, extract key customers, put resources together, and achieve maximum sales at the lowest cost

at the same time, zhuoxi intelligence also deployed xtools CTI call management system. When the volume of the ditch changes greatly with the customer, the customer information instantly pops up on the screen. The salesperson does not need cumbersome query work, directly obtains the historical information of the customer, and greatly improves the service quality and efficiency. Our technical department has strict control over the production and development of each experimental machine. Xtools also believes that these details determine the final success or failure. At present, xtools CTI has been significantly upgraded and launched a new information gathering function. Combined with xtools palm treasure mobile terminal CRM system, it can realize the real-time collection of all communication data and achieve the all-round management of communication with customers

xtools has launched a variety of relationship solutions around customer sales management and enterprise management, involving a series of application platforms such as internal communication, financial salary, customer sales, purchase, sales and inventory. With advanced cloud computing technology, the implementation threshold of CRM project is minimized. Whether it is small and medium-sized enterprises with low risk tolerance, or large group companies that pay attention to quality service and efficiency, xtools can be competent in different industries, different business process characteristics, and management needs in different environments. Xtools CRM system interface, which integrates the strengths of hundreds of companies and has perfect functions, also pays attention to the operation experience. The system interface with completely humanized design can be used online by most enterprises after only one to two weeks of rapid training. After ten years of market testing and refining, xtools CRM has grown into a mature customer cloud friction resistance error host part of the friction resistance management ecosystem. Introducing CRM, an old Wang Xietang Qianyan, into ordinary people's homes, will surely escort Chinese enterprises in the changing market environment in the future and continue to achieve double performance

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