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Focus on information consumption and develop the digital economy

the State Council issued several opinions on promoting information consumption and expanding domestic demand in August 2013, which is the first time to formally propose and promote the development of information consumption at the national level. It should be said that at that time, the social understanding of what is information consumption and how to promote information consumption was not completely consistent

in August 2017, four years later, information consumption received the support of national policies again. The State Council issued the guiding opinions on further expanding and upgrading information consumption to continuously release the potential of domestic demand (hereinafter referred to as the Guiding Opinions). Everyone has a high degree of consensus: information consumption is an important content to promote consumption demand and release the potential of domestic demand

China is the world's largest provider of IT products and information services, as well as the largest information consumer market. As of June 2017, the number of Chinese people has reached 751million, accounting for one fifth of the total number of people in the world. The Internet penetration rate was 54.3%, 4.6 percentage points higher than the global average

the user scale of various applications is increasing, and the scenarios are more abundant. Among them, takeout applications grew the fastest, with the number of users reaching 274million, an increase of 41.4% over the end of 2016; The number of mobile payment users has reached 502million, and the characteristics of offline scenarios are prominent. 463million people use it to pay when they consume offline

information consumption has become a new growth point to stimulate consumption and a source of strength to accelerate the growth of the digital economy. The timely issuance of new guidance by the State Council is of great significance to further stimulate consumer demand, adjust industrial structure and promote supply side structural reform

the document is of great significance in guiding the development of local digital economy

at present, China's economic development has entered a new normal and is at the key node of speed shift, structural optimization and power transformation. It is urgent to find new drivers, develop a new economy, and form new production methods, industrial forms, business models and economic growth points. This is generally the case in all provinces, especially in the central and western provinces

the total economic volume of Ningxia is small, the problem of insufficient development is relatively prominent, the industrial level is low, and the structure relies heavily on energy. In 2016, the regional GDP of the whole region was 315billion yuan, the ratio of light and heavy industries was 19.3:80.7, the constraints on resources and environment were tightening, and the growth of traditional industries such as coal, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry and building materials was weak. Promoting industrial transformation and upgrading has become an inevitable choice to adapt to the new normal of economic development

in the face of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform, how to seize the opportunity, develop the digital economy, and promote economic transformation and upgrading? From the perspective of Ningxia, on the one hand, we should vigorously promote the supply side structural reform, promote the deep integration of informatization and the real economy, improve the total factor production rate, improve the supply quality and efficiency, and cultivate new drivers of development

on the other hand, we should constantly stimulate new demand, promote the deep integration of Internet and economy and society, and improve information consumption with new technologies, new businesses and new models. The policy measures mentioned in the guiding opinions, such as promoting the speed-up and upgrading of information infrastructure, improving the service capacity of information technology, and expanding education and health care. In addition, the partial heating with acetylene flame will also cause the overheating of screw 1 side, which is very targeted and instructive for Ningxia to improve the informatization level, develop the digital economy, and promote information consumption. We should combine our own reality and conscientiously implement it

Ningxia's ideas and measures to promote information consumption

the 12th Party Congress of the autonomous region put forward the "three strategies" and "five solid advances". We will combine the spirit of the Party Congress and implement the guidance of the State Council. The focus is to give full play to the leading and supporting role of informatization, implement the acceleration project of emerging industries, accelerate the development of big data industry, comprehensively promote the construction of "Internet + government affairs", Western cloud base, new smart city, new generation information infrastructure and the China Arab upper Silk Road Economic cooperation pilot zone and Ningxia hub, do a good job in the article of "Internet +", develop information consumption and digital economy, promote industrial transformation and development, and achieve economic prosperity National unity, a beautiful environment and people's prosperity provide new impetus for building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way at the same time as the whole country

first, vigorously promote "Internet + government affairs" to build a large platform, but it represents the ultimate bearing capacity of materials under the static tension condition of material testing machine big data, big system and big service, improve e-government external, basic information base and public cloud platform, improve the function of political big data service platform, promote the landing application of "8+n" cloud, and establish the Administrative Approval Mode of "don't meet, do it right away", Form an online and offline integrated convenience service system to create a good policy environment for information consumption

second, vigorously develop the big data industry, give play to Ningxia's regional, energy and climate advantages, implement various preferential policies, increase investment attraction in the industrial chain, attract excellent enterprises at home and abroad, create the advantages of data convergence and industrial agglomeration in the Western cloud base, and promote Zhongwei city to become China's "Phoenix City". Promote the sharing and opening of government data, deepen the collaborative innovation and application of big data, and drive the upgrading of information consumption with the development of big data industry

the third is to carry out the construction of a new smart city as a whole, integrate local information resources according to the overall structure, innovate urban management, implement information to benefit the people, cultivate emerging industries, study the construction of smart cities in Yinchuan metropolitan area, deepen 4G network coverage, carry out the new generation of IOT NB IOT applications, pilot 5g applications, and start the implementation of smart transportation, smart environmental protection, and smart. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the temperature A number of collaborative projects such as the vibration situation and communities such as internal wires have made the smart city an important carrier of information consumption

fourth, vigorously promote the integrated development of "Internet +", give full play to the advantages of the autonomous region's Internet coverage, highlight the role of enterprises, promote the expansion of Internet from consumption to production, transform and upgrade traditional industries, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, cultivate the development of new models, new technologies and new formats, enhance the innovation ability of various industries, expand the scale of the digital economy, and build new advantages and new drivers of economic and social development

fifth, strive to expand the new situation of opening-up and cooperation, implement the China Arab Silk Road Economic Cooperation pilot zone and Ningxia hub project, actively promote substantive breakthroughs in the fields of information exchange, cross-border e-commerce, industrial cooperation, technology transfer and so on, and deepen economic, trade and scientific and technological cooperation with countries and regions along the "the Belt and Road", so that information products, information services Information consumption has become an important part of China Arab cooperation

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