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Xtools new palm Zhongbao comprehensive upgrade

working principle of near machine: a stable value with a daily x difference of less than ± 2 tools enterprise mobile sales management software palm Zhongbao has completed a comprehensive upgrade. Before comparison, xinzhangzhongbao made users refreshing at the moment of delivery and visual design. Apart from its beautiful appearance, flexibility and ease of use, unlike other mobile office software, mobile office platforms and enterprise collaboration, xinzhangzhongbao paid more attention to the management of the internal sales team of the enterprise: the dynamic presentation (Restoration) of data in the whole process of sales and the parallel mode of subjective processing (analysis) of data by salespersons, integrating the dynamic timeline of sales, payment collection and signing New customers, Renren view, shorthand and project sales are integrated

if you are a middle-level or top-level manager, you can see today's dynamics at the first glance when you open palm treasure: how much is the new payment? How many new contracts? Number of new customers?, According to the new collection and signing every day, the amount and completion ratio of this month's collection and signing are also updated synchronously, which is particularly clear for the management: the goal and the completion of the goal will cultivate a mysterious sense of urgency for you and the team (the improvement of execution). And then there is Renren view -- the sales dynamic data with each salesperson as the timeline. Click it to see the complete sales follow-up data. In this way, it is equivalent to the management bringing a VR glasses, which can truly see and experience the merchandising experience of the salesperson. Generally, WDW (5) 0 microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine is often used and psychological experience. For more information, welcome to search for the download experience of palm treasure

according to the introduction, xtools' mobile strategy upgrade this time mainly reflects three levels, giving full play to its 12 years of sales management experience in CRM operation, and then passing it on to small and medium-sized enterprises through palm treasure; At the same time, out of the expansion of future development strategy, xtools mobile office series products such as cloud punch, three fixed one, intelligent robot small a, and order making high-energy help are also under project development; The brand concept of 6-round Enterprise Cloud intelligence will always be implemented in all product lines and services of xtools

about xtools

xtools was founded in 2004. It is the founder of SaaS CRM in China and has grown into the preferred service provider for CRM implementation in China's small and medium-sized enterprises. 50wsales of 3W small and medium-sized enterprises use xtools every day to complete customer data warehousing, sales follow-up, service, inventory management, schedule task distribution, project follow-up, instant communication, mobile office, etc. with technology driven as the core, integrating technology and software power, Help small and medium-sized enterprises to process, intelligentize and refine their business, and finally release their own creativity and innovative thinking. For information about xtools' new palm Zhongbao, you can consult the 400 hotline:, or visit its official: h some models have better detection limits ttp://

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