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Xtools CRM helps app customization enterprises improve business processes. The oil used for buffer should be kept clean.

with the development of science and technology, we have entered the era of new media networks. Around, Weibo and other app clients have become essential tools for countless people to contact every day. Tap the screen a few times, quickly establish communication with friends and colleagues, and simply slide the screen to easily clinch a deal. And these 6. High efficiency: 1-key reset are all from customized enterprise apps

it is understood that at present, the third-party application app has been favored by many businesses with its diversified functions, excellent customer experience and other advantages. Compared with 90% of the world's top 500 enterprises abroad, which have made their own brand app fanaticism, domestic enterprises' app customization and application obviously started late, but they are developing rapidly, and are rapidly penetrating into many popular fields, such as retail industry, media portals, leisure and entertainment, production-oriented enterprises, automobiles, governments and institutions, real estate and so on. For example, Taobao client, e-commerce, Fanke shopping client and so on. I believe that before long, APP clients will blossom everywhere in all walks of life

traditional enterprises are using their own exclusive apps to interact with 900million users, which is becoming a new commanding height of enterprise marketing strategy. Through the enterprise app, customers can get brand information anytime, anywhere, quickly and conveniently query product information. In their spare time, they can also open the app to understand the latest trends and preferential activities of the brand, and even directly use it to place orders. Convenient and intimate! It will be very convenient to customize your own exclusive app to promote and publicize brand products among intelligent user groups. Followed by, enterprises also pay more and more attention to the landing value of customized apps for enterprises. How to spread the core concepts and values of the enterprise to customers through the bridge of app, but it is generally believed that this requires a very accurate positioning of the customized service itself

the research results and product quality of the technical team of Shanghai Yimo Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yimo Technology) have basically reached the advanced level of the international software development industry. It is the first mobile Internet software enterprise in China to customize enterprise app products based on Intelligent app development

in line with the R & D goal of giving priority to user experience, Yimo Technology Co., Ltd. has invested heavily to hire a number of internationally renowned market research companies to conduct research on China's hotel industry, catering industry, beauty salon industry, brand retail industry, consulting services, clubs, luxury goods, entertainment industry, health management institutions, performing arts institutions, law firms, training institutions, resorts More than 50 industries including the real estate industry have carried out a one-and-a-half-year refined user demand research work, and then developed 120 core function modules aimed at the personalized needs of Chinese enterprises if enterprises can truly establish a system according to this standard. At present, Yimo Technology Co., Ltd. has many versions of DIY bottom development system that can automatically identify module interfaces that have reached the international advanced level. This will greatly shorten the development cycle of enterprise mobile client products and greatly improve the quality level of enterprise apps, thus laying a solid technical foundation for China's small and medium-sized enterprises to enter the integration process of mobile Internet business applications at low cost

after several years of rapid development, the visionary management of Yimo technology realized that in today's fierce market competition environment, in addition to excellent product quality, fast and efficient service is the key to stand out from peers, firmly stand in the market and seize more opportunities. In the face of customer needs and problems, how to communicate in a timely manner, respond quickly, improve the corporate brand image, and firmly grasp customers is the key point that Yimo technology urgently needs to improve. Xtools CRM is an advanced solution for enterprises' management from market to sales

xtools CRM is the leading brand of customer relationship management system solutions in China. Its products combine the business process characteristics of many domestic industries and enterprises, put forward a set of perfect management system around the customer, sales, finance, purchase, sale and inventory and other functional modules, and realize a powerful mobile client +pc cloud computing management platform. In the past 10 years, it has successfully implemented CRM projects for tens of thousands of domestic enterprises, won many awards, and is known as the most influential CRM system platform in China

after multi-party communication, xtools CRM tailored for Yimo technology and proposed a sales management system around the business characteristics of the enterprise. Xtools learned that in daily sales work, enterprises provide customized services, which requires many detailed communications on customer needs, and a thorough analysis of the details of each customer's needs, so as to finally form a function and service plan for the next step. Through the customer management in xtools CRM, the enterprise salesperson can quickly and accurately record the basic information of the customer and the information of the relevant person in charge, forming a clear tree view of the customer relationship, which is convenient for the planned follow-up work

during the sales process, the feedback obtained from the customer's visit and follow-up can also be recorded in the system, and the sales plan can be implemented in a targeted manner according to the different problems of customers. At the same time, the salesperson can also know in the system what stage the customer in his hand is in, those to-do items have not been handled, and the agreement signing, software development progress, delivery and use, problem feedback, etc. can be clearly controlled anytime and anywhere, which greatly improves the salesperson's work efficiency

with after-sales management, when any problem occurs in the use of customers, the salesperson can quickly understand the customer information and sales history information in the system when receiving complaints and suggestions, and use the customer sharing function to classify the problems and assign them to the after-sales department according to the process, so as to solve the customer problems in the shortest time and improve the customer satisfaction and loyalty to the enterprise products. Moreover, with xtools CRM customer management, enterprises can also continuously tap potential customers in the communication process according to existing customers, and form a better word-of-mouth effect and re marketing

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