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Xtools CRM assisted the animation and game industry

the State Council issued a notice allowing foreign-funded enterprises to engage in the production and sales of game entertainment equipment in the Shanghai free trade zone. The 13-year ban was lifted, and game console manufacturers including Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are running into the Chinese market. According to the prediction of digital research and consulting company idate, with the innovation of game consoles and the popularity of games, the global video game market will see strong growth, with an annual growth rate of 11.1% until 2017. According to the business times of Taiwan, idate, headquartered in Paris, pointed out that the market size of stable digital ball video games with a total difference of ± 2 is 53.9 billion euros (73.8 billion dollars) this year, and will reach 82.1 billion euros by 2017

the news of the lifting of the ban on game consoles in the free trade zone has generally ushered in reforms and benefits for enterprises in the upstream and downstream industrial chains of game arcades and other industries. The listing of licensed game consoles has changed the current situation of difficult after-sales and maintenance. With the continuous updating of the technology of the game industry, a number of production and sales enterprises focusing on arcade products have emerged in China, highlighting their own value. While fully opening the domestic market, they have actively expanded their business to overseas, and have been widely praised

Guangzhou Xingtai Animation Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xingtai animation) is located in Nancun, Panyu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. Its main products are exported to Europe and the United States, South America, South Korea and Southeast Asia, and its domestic sales cover 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China. Xingtai Animation Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of various large game consoles, and has been developing and producing products for entertainment places for many years. The company has been continuously investing a lot of manpower and material resources to make our products in the leading position in the industry

in the face of the changing market environment, with years of marketing experience at home and abroad, Xingtai animation has sharply detected that in the current state of product innovation and peer competition, in order to continue to break through and lead far in sales performance, we must consider implementing more advanced management concepts to improve the quality of customer service, firmly grasp the customer market, so as to adapt to the more complex future market

through various understanding, Xingtai animation learned that xtools CRM customer relationship management system, a cloud computing application platform for sales and customer management, is the best choice to meet the current needs of enterprises. After a short training period, Xingtai animation deployed and launched xtools CRM customer management system and mobile platform CRM system, and successfully solved the following management problems for enterprises:

first, Xingtai animation has a wide range of business, covering both domestic and foreign business systems. Through the division of different functional departments in xtools CRM system, we can effectively distinguish domestic and international business functional departments, dealers, etc. The manager can intuitively and clearly understand all the intuitive data information of his own department in the enterprise in the workbench interface, which greatly improves the management ability and efficiency

second, by using customer management and sales management, enterprises can quickly establish a tree shaped customer relationship with a clear context, and record the contact information and historical sales data of relevant principals in the system, which can be retrieved and viewed at that time, so as to minimize the workload of salespersons and ensure that enterprise customer resources will not be lost. At the same time, the salesperson will become more targeted when implementing new sales projects in combination with customer sales information: for the development of new customers, no matter how many customers are followed up, no matter how complex the personnel structure of the relevant person in charge of the customer enterprise, no matter how long the cycle is, using CRM sales management, the salesperson will be confident, all work will be carried out according to the plan, and collect customer feedback in time to respond, Classify the needs and intentions of customers, concentrate enterprise resources on key customers, stimulate orders to the greatest extent, and improve sales performance. With CRM, salesmen can easily respond quickly to customer complaints. Sample size: measure the width, thickness and notch thickness of samples with measuring tools with a small division value of no more than 0.02mm, such as precision machining technology and sealing technology; Check the notch size with an optical projector and actively solve it. Customer sharing function. Whenever there is a complaint or suggestion, the salesperson will share the customer information with the after-sales department. The after-sales personnel will quickly deal with the problem according to the business process in combination with the customer's historical information, so as to eliminate the risk of losing customers due to impatience. And by using CRM customer management system, enterprises can face huge customer groups in time, and the industry can achieve one-to-one personalized service and human care. Make use of existing customers to form word-of-mouth publicity, so that enterprises, whether at home or abroad, can continuously expand the market of energy sources, forming a virtuous circle

third, according to the business characteristics of the enterprise, when the salesperson needs to often visit, communicate face-to-face and other field work, a CRM management platform that can be used on and tablet has become a rigid demand of the enterprise. Xtools palm treasure is a mobile terminal application developed by xtools CRM cloud computing management platform combined with mobile information technology to avoid destroying the vacuum state and causing prosthetic limb to fall off. As long as you have an accessible smart or tablet computer, even if you don't have a computer around, enterprise employees can manage their work like using CRM on a PC

Xtools CRM has more than ten years of R & D experience in China. After the reform and baptism of emerging technologies such as SaaS, cloud computing and mobile Internet, it has gradually formed a set of perfect management concepts. Xtools CRM not only serves foreign trade enterprises. After years of development and precipitation, while fully understanding the business processes of small and medium-sized enterprises, xtools CRM is well versed in the management of CRM system software, reducing the deployment and implementation cost to the lowest. It has successfully deployed CRM customer relationship management system for tens of thousands of enterprises across 53 industries in China, realizing the situation of sales management flying together. Xtools hopes that through the successful implementation of the Star Thai animation CRM project and the benefits of more enterprises, many small and medium-sized enterprises in China will truly experience the charm of CRM, an advanced management concept

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