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Xixian new area power supply company completed the in plant sampling inspection of Siyuan Electric Co., Ltd.

China Power News correspondent Nanbo industrial enterprise noise measurement specification GBJ 122 (8) report from February 18 to 22, the quality supervision personnel of the material Department of guoxixian new area power supply company and relevant personnel of Yan'an power supply company formed a professional sampling inspection team to go to Shanghai Siyuan to carry out in plant sampling inspection of the company's engineering materials. After 5 days of on-site factory test sampling and key points witness, Successfully completed the sampling inspection task in the factory

in plant sampling inspection mainly determines the test items and test standards according to the company's "product quality supervision standards for equipment and materials", "material quality supervision manual", "key measures for equipment quality control" and relevant technical specifications and standards under the trend of lightweight. According to the purchase contract, the arc suppression coil and grounding transformer supplied by Shanghai Siyuan Electric Co., Ltd. were tested in this factory sampling inspection, and the test equipment and test data were witnessed on site. The items checked and detected in the factory are 10 mandatory tests in classic cases such as coil equipment loss test, voltage current characteristic curve measurement, lightning impulse test, temperature rise test, partial discharge test, no-load loss and no-load current measurement, short-circuit impedance and load loss measurement, induced voltage withstand test, applied voltage withstand test, line end lightning full wave impulse withstand voltage test, etc, At the same time, the equipment manufacturing process, dust-free workshop, incoming inspection records of Sieyuan Electric Co., Ltd., China's plastic extruder industry is moving towards a healthy and sustainable development, and the warehousing inspection records of high and low voltage components and parts, etc. were carefully checked. The personnel of the sampling inspection team shall record and analyze the test data in time and complete the preparation of the sampling inspection report

through the implementation of sampling inspection in the factory, the material quality supervisors witnessed the equipment manufacturing process and production process, learned and mastered the technical parameters of the equipment, further understood the characteristics of the equipment, and became familiar with the key points of quality inspection and control, laying the foundation for improving the level of quality supervision, laying the foundation for improving the quality of Xixian power materials, and providing guarantee for the safe and stable operation of electricity

: Zhang Yuanyuan

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