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Xtools warm tip: electromechanical equipment can also be sold like this

as a traditional industry, the electromechanical equipment industry, as the competition in the market becomes more and more incentive, the business becomes more and more difficult to do. Business personnel run around every day, but the final order return is often out of proportion to the payment. On the one hand, if you want to go out and run customers, on the other hand, you have to coordinate all kinds of work with logistics business. Most of your energy is wasted on internal work coordination. How to fully drive the sales enthusiasm of business personnel and put it into business is the core of the profit improvement of the electromechanical equipment industry

let's Take Wuxi xinchenyuan electromechanical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "xinchenyuan electromechanical Co., Ltd.") as an example to share our experience

enterprise introduction: xinchenyuan Electromechanical is located in Wuxi, the center of the Yangtze River Delta economic zone with a long history, a large number of talents, a prosperous economy and a developed manufacturing industry. It has rich human resources, smooth market cooperation and convenient transportation. The general agent brand of the company: (hurco) American HEC machine tool, Baoji Machine Tool and other well-known brand machine tool equipment at home and abroad. The company has a technical center and after-sales service center, which can provide customers with several methods of product opening instrument fault diagnosis. Instrument circuit maintenance has always been an integral part of the development, design, manufacturing, training, debugging, after-sales service of electronic companies

xinchenyuan electromechanical has repositioned and managed the following aspects through xtools CRM:

customer collection - low-cost customer acquisition

previously, business personnel would even protect customer information for various reasons such as performance pressure, and they were even unwilling to actively play their customer acquisition initiative. The customer gathering function in xtools is particularly large, and the two plate injection molding machine is monopolized by a few European and Japanese brands, which can completely remove the concerns of business personnel, because the clues obtained through the business personnel's circle of friends or space can carry the business personnel label, so everyone is more willing to release the enterprise's information. For enterprises, on the one hand, it reduces the cost of getting customers, on the other hand, it gives full play to everyone's resources and realizes the integrated utilization of resources

Jixin customer timeline management

the characteristic of our industry is that businesses deal with customers by themselves. Sometimes on site or outside, they will also make quotations or confirm important business information to customers through text messages. In this way, if there is no effective management, it will be more troublesome for the follow-up work. The message collection function in xtools can solve the problem of SMS collection. On the other hand, the email content can also be automatically collected in the customer view. In this way, open a customer, and all the communication data related to the customer will be clear at a glance. Businesses do not need to confirm the business repeatedly when making formal quotations or orders, and the probability of error is greatly reduced

fully automatic business process promotion

our current business process is that sales go to customers, then business gives formal orders, and back logistics is responsible for delivery and financial collection. The whole process involves the coordination of personnel from multiple departments. The customer will call the sales department when urging the goods, and the sales department will call the warehouse keeper again. The warehouse keeper will confirm with the finance department whether the payment can be collected and whether the goods can be delivered. Therefore, everyone is wasting time and energy in the whole process, and it is easy to make mistakes. The customer nabatel also continues to maintain cooperation with the US based biological polymers company, and is often not satisfied. After using xtools CRM automatically, the whole problem has been perfectly solved, especially the business message reminder function in the plus version, which tracks everyone's job characteristics and requirements, and will automatically push messages to businesses, such as accounts receivable reminders for finance and sales, and warehouse management reminders for delivery. No matter at the PC end or the end, people in any position can better perform their respective duties. Saving the time and energy of repeated confirmation in the process can make our business personnel pay more attention to doing business, and greatly improve the satisfaction of our after-sales service. It can be said to be a win-win strategy both inside and outside

xtools CRM introduction

a manufacturer that has always focused on making products, has gathered all its energy to provide a CRM software that best meets the needs of enterprise business management for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, and takes CRM as the core, covering customer acquisition, communication data collection, purchase, sales and inventory and other powerful software groups. The plus version has the characteristics of simplified UI, easy to understand management ideas and simple operation. Each industry can make a targeted inspection on its own internal management and improve its profitability with the help of management tools. Detailed functions can register experience ()

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