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Xtools fast target app: help salespeople realize their first wish in 2018

perfect day for salespeople

the 996 working system once became the headlines of major social media, and employees expressed various dissatisfaction. Some people said that the so-called Internet enterprises only use the slogan of innovation to squeeze materials with elongation of more than 1000%, and they can choose 1000 or 1200mm labor. There is also a saying on Weibo to cherish life, Stay away from the Internet industry

in fact, not only Internet enterprises, but also all walks of life as sales posts have the phenomenon of overtime, but some are explicit overtime and some are implicit overtime. For example, when the customer comes after work, he says that he will report the feasibility report to the company tomorrow. As the sales representative of Party B, he has no choice but to work overtime at night to prepare materials, either in the company or at home. It is the most common to invite customers to have dinner. It is also a common form of overtime because cuts and cuts should take up private rest time after aging

as a profitable Department of a team, salespersons shoulder the heavy responsibility of corporate profitability, which is the pressure of performance for themselves and the annual sales task for the company. How to achieve the sales target within 8 hours should be the new year's wish of many salespeople

it is not difficult to find that the core of the sales work is to complete the sales target given by the company. In order to achieve this, we need to visit customers, use various reminder skills, timely recover receivables after signing a contract, and maintain the relationship with old customers after sales. So it's OK to do these jobs well within 8 hours of work

the next fast target app is designed from this perspective. A perfect day, starting from the use of fast goals, 8 hours to easily change the crown

perfect 8 hours =3 hours of signing and dunning +3 hours of documentary conversion +1 hour of demand training +1 hour of self-study and improvement

3 hours: signing and dunning (target completion core area)

the end of each month is the busiest time for salespersons. All kinds of reminders and reminders. It is normal that there is no weekend at the end of each month, even in December. How to do these jobs well in daily life, fast goals provide a good idea. Spending important 3 hours a day to deal with these jobs can effectively complete the core part of sales goals

at the end of the year, as sales opened the all-round Dunning mode, the boss of the enterprise is also under great pressure. After all, at the end of the year, employees should be paid wages, bonuses, and various daily expenses. If Party A's final payment has not been pushed back, it is bound to have a great impact on the cash flow of the enterprise. If the bonus is not in place, the sales elite may be lost, and the goal for next year is worrying

the research of foreign institutions specially responsible for collection shows that the difficulty of collection depends on the age of the account rather than the amount of the account. Only 20% of the debts over 2 years can be recovered, while 80% of the debts within 2 years can be recovered. Therefore, these parts that have the greatest impact on the sales target should be dealt with as a daily priority, which requires the salesperson to spend more time to pay attention, sign up for payment collection in advance, and minimize the risk of any uncertainty

3 hours: documentary conversion, first screen (target completion key area)

automatic calibration according to customers: the system can automatically calibrate the accuracy of indication; According to the household life cycle theory, the sales process can be roughly divided into three main links: pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales. According to the statistical analysis of the data of all contracted customers, there is also the classic two eight principle. 20% of customers have clear intentions and can sign orders quickly. 80% of customers have needs, but need sales to follow up and guide the signing

in other words, these customers who have needs may sign with us or with competitors. At this time, we need to show our sales skills, how to win the trust of customers and reach the final signing. Therefore, this part also requires salespersons to spend a lot of time every day

the fast target app provides salespeople with many powerful individual weapons in this link, such as the four major artifact of merchandising: customer radar function, early judgment, precision strike; Value calibration, rapid qualitative and quantitative calibration of customers and prediction; Business characteristics, one-to-one precision marketing; Next step, click a little, fast and effective

1 hour: demand cultivation, intelligent recommendation

every enterprise has a strong customer database, but the actual situation is that sales people scratch their heads every day for sales leads, but forget this large number of sleeping customers. Some may be customers who have good performance price ratio in similar models for the first time. After communication and follow-up for a period of time, the degree of demand intention decreases until they are unwilling to communicate with our sales. Customers who only have contact information but have not followed up effectively, and old customers who have cooperated with us many years ago

the cost of getting customers in all walks of life is soaring. In order to get customers, the personnel of the marketing department try various marketing means, such as Baidu bidding, various information flow advertising, and conference marketing. How to make full use of each clue is one of the ways to effectively reduce the cost of getting customers

so the fast goal is here. It is proposed that the salesperson needs to spend 1 hour to cultivate the needs of customers after completing the core payment and signing promotion and documentary conversion. First, it supports intelligent recommendation. Sales can make batch impact according to the system recommendation, and can do batch impact through, circles of friends, text messages, etc. mining several customers every day to follow up. After changing a batch of functions, there is powerful algorithm support

1 hour: self-study and improvement

for a long time, the sales position has been considered as low threshold, and the difficulty of sales is also recognized. In fact, the requirements of sales posts for personnel are very high. They need to be familiar with products, have professional knowledge, good communication skills, sharp value customer mining ability, excellent copywriting, etc

therefore, it is not only to achieve the sales goals, but also to summarize the work experience and lessons in time, and constantly learn and improve themselves. Only in this way can we always maintain a strong combat effectiveness, and even though the market competition is fierce, we can easily grab orders from our competitors

fast goal. The significance of giving the last hour to the salesperson for self-study and improvement also lies in this. The content of the knowledge base is directly displayed on the first screen, so that the salesperson can have new learning and progress every day

the perfect 8-hour reminder of the fast goal: we should not only see yesterday's customers, but also promote the signing and payment, so as to ensure the steady cash flow of the enterprise; We should also pay attention to the documentary conversion; In order to obtain long-term profits, enterprises should also pay attention to the cultivation of dormant customers' needs. The improvement of the salesperson's own ability cannot be ignored. The fast goal blessing will help all salespeople become elite in the New Year

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