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Xtools CRM: help bosses return to the essence of sales management

bosses, big and small, have been brainwashed by new things

wechat, circle of friends, we media, group control, big V, three-level distribution, live show these concepts that have been constantly revived in the Internet + era, when they appear: gushing in full bloom, when they die: desolate (some are still alive). But every time it appears, it stirs up small and medium-sized enterprises, especially small and micro entrepreneurs who are supported and developed by the state. It is like a roaring and overloaded express full of winners, and it seems to be the storm that can blow pigs to the sky. It is all close at hand and at your fingertips

add groups, get together, attend classes, subscribe to big coffee shows, and all kinds of twists and turns are no less than synchronized live broadcasts

wait for you to stop and smack: your brain is stimulated, your vision seems wider, your vision more magnificent, and even the lower limit is lowered and merged! Sales have not increased? No increase in profits? what! And fell?? (bosses who don't pay attention to business for a long time face a 100% probability of declining profits)

bosses are still confused in the face of sales management

new ideas and new media are absolutely positive for enterprises, but why don't most bosses taste substantive sweetness in this innovation carnival? There are mainly the following reasons:

1 Focus on the front end of sales business: advertising and promotion stage

count all the new ideas and methods mentioned above, and basically continue (720 plusmn; 5) ℃ times; 8h furnace cooling (cooling rate 50 ℃ bull; H ⑴) and (620 plusmn; 5) ℃ times; The two-stage aging treatment of 8h air cooling falls at the front end of the sales process: brand building and popularity gathering stage. With the emergence of we media and new media, popularity gathering can be regarded as a new definition of eyeball economy. The popularity of logic thinking in the past, and the popularity of Papi sauce in the future, make bosses feel that they are out of touch with the times without playing traffic, live broadcasting and popularity

2. There are certain requirements for the target customers of the sales model, which is not universal

the various envy success cases we see on the Internet are basically entrepreneurial chicken soup. No one can succeed casually, and the vast majority of success stories cannot be copied. Because new media and new models are not universal values, they tend to be consumer goods, products with a wide audience, 2C, larger brands, and products in non professional fields for products and target customer groups. In short, if it is feasible to sell, electromechanical equipment will be useless. Most small and medium-sized enterprises' products are positioned in the professional market, which makes it difficult to achieve the effect of sales promotion under the new model

3. Focusing on the crowd effect triggered by curiosity and paying less attention to the product itself

Internet has taught the general public two terms: user experience and user pain points; There is also one that is often talked about by celebrities: scene. Most bosses who are addicted to discovering the pain points of users face cruel facts. Countless live cases tell us that the pain points of users are not discovered out of thin air, but come from specific and simple user complaints and business blockages. Think about hammers and Huawei. Hammers are packaged so that they can only remember the spirit of craftsmanship, but Huawei is trying to build core technologies and products; Hammer is more and more like iPhone, but Huawei is only like itself; Every press conference of hammer is full of uproar on the Internet, and Huawei, even mate9, seems to have just quietly found the overwhelming praise. If the enterprise only has sincerity but no good products, it may gain attention but no one will pay for it

4. Chicken blood effect is greater than substantive effect

it is said that over the past year, even investors have gone crazy. As long as the founder has a story, someone will chase a lot of money. Magic department store is very typical. Young people, dropouts and Post-00 are all hot concepts. The early explosion growth report is also very beautiful. As we all know, at this time, someone will come out and sigh: it's not reliable. The LowB talk like Zhuge after the event is not our focus. What we want to say is that the market is still hot for hot spots, outbreaks, revolutions, subversions, and starting from scratch. Many people are longing for the evil wind that can blow pigs to heaven. Chicken blood means short-term overdraft. No matter enthusiasm or ability, execution depends on long-term. If the chicken blood can't bring a sharp pull to the enterprise in the short term, when the chicken blood fades, in addition to the fatigue of the team, it will also breed disappointment and helplessness

xtools' view: the essence of returning and improving

enterprises is to make profits. The bounden duty of bosses is to lead enterprises to win, make profits and develop in the competition. At a time when the economy is in the doldrums, pushing the plateau materials and labor costs, xtools has more than 70% of its enterprise customers. The development and utilization of efficient thermal insulation materials is an effective measure to ensure building energy conservation. The increase in the number of users in the past 12 months shows that these enterprises are constantly growing. Is xtools magic? Can it help these enterprises cope with the downward pressure of the economy? This has a lot to do with xtools' 12 years of intensive work in the CRM field and the promotion of enterprise sales management

return to business and focus on sales management

what is management? This is a problem that we turn a blind eye to

to put it bluntly:

the essence of management is to find and solve problems. In sales management, many problems are superficial, and behind them are often hidden deep problems such as system, customer acquisition channel, incentive policy, personnel ability, documentary process, or billing tools. Large and medium-sized enterprises and small enterprises are different in finding problems in the sales process. Large sales teams need to try to unify and standardize, upload and release, and deduce standard sales processes; Small teams need to explore the personality and potential of each salesperson, delegate power, and fully stimulate the salesperson's self motivation. No matter what kind of team, finding problems requires data

big data provides accurate support for sales

borrowing the concept of big data here, in fact, the data accumulation of most enterprises cannot meet the requirements of big data. Big data finds problems from statistical laws, such as user portrait and user portrait cloud

user portrait is a professional tool for precise positioning of target users. At present, it is widely used in fields with repeated consumption characteristics, such as telemarketing, education, finance, tourism, insurance, etc., to tap the secondary and n-time purchase value of transaction customers. For enterprises with less repeated purchases, the role of user portraits is reflected in the matching analysis of customer acquisition channels. For example, enterprise a obtains potential customers and purchase intentions by advertising, participating in exhibitions, sending promotional emails, etc; By comparing the portraits of potential customers and contracted customers obtained through various channels, it is easy to know the similarity between the customers obtained through this channel and the contracted customers. Very simple, the more similar the channels, the more investment. We can maximize the effect of market expenses at the customer acquisition level and provide more valuable clues to the sales team. This is an in-depth heavy application. Let's take a look at the example figure and feel: (this is a language training enterprise)

in the figure: the left side is the potential customer cloud, and the right side is the contracted customer cloud.

after comparison, we can see:

1) the main age group of potential customers is, while the age group of contracted customers is:, there is a big difference

2) the main education background of potential customers is junior college, while the main education background of contracted customers is Big Ben, There are also big differences

boss is easy to understand. The more similar the two figures are, the more accurate the potential customers are. If the similarity is low, it is a problem. By switching the sources of potential customers, comparing the results one by one, and adjusting the proportion of customer acquisition channels, we can achieve the goal of improving the accuracy of customer acquisition. This is a complete example of using xtools to find and solve problems from the customer acquisition data

thick data helps enterprises sharpen their sales knives

thick data attaches importance to process reproduction and the time, people, environment and other related factors of data generation. In modern management thinking, people are more emphasized, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises. The full activation of individual capabilities can quickly produce improvement. For example, the best way to help a department or a salesperson analyze the short board and long board of ability is to go deep into the specific business process, rather than simply listen to the report

let's take a look at the difference:

method 1 [common CRM records]: 6.30, communicate with the customer for 5 minutes, the customer puts forward 3 questions, and reply tomorrow morning

mode 2 [CRM records of xtools]: 6.30, 5 minutes, 3 questions, reply tomorrow. Listening to recording

xtools has more listening to recording functions: fixed line landline, you can use X800 suite, and support recording and screen flicking; Android supports simplex recording to help track the communication between front-line personnel and customers. In every conversation detail, communicate details to find the possibility of optimization. Xtools calls this approach: bringing management back to the front line. The reason is very simple: users will always feel directly, only the front line of the enterprise. Including sales, customer service, technical support, etc., rather than management or others. Whether the front line is strong and effective is almost 80% absolute whether the enterprise can win in the competition. Putting the focus of sales management on front-line optimization and ability improvement can make your customers feel improved as soon as possible. So we say that thick data can help us hone the front line and help the front line grow into an iron army that can bite bones and fight hard battles

comparison and trend: make the data have Bi significance

before 1968, the world consumption was less than 1000t. At this year's xtools customer communication meeting, a boss of a medical device enterprise shared a major business adjustment he made at the end of 2015. The main business of the enterprise has been in hospitals. By the second half of 2015, the boss suddenly found that some customers of physical examination institutions began to appear in xtoolscrm data, Analyze the month on month growth of purchase volume, which has increased for several months. Boss realized that this is a new market that needs to be vigorously developed, and immediately organized resources to establish a special team to explore the market of physical examination institutions. In the past six months, the sales of physical examination institutions have accounted for 50%, which has brought huge profit growth to the enterprise

this is a typical successful case of market prediction by trend. We use this to tell the Bi significance of data: Bi is enterprise intelligence, and its biggest role is to assist decision-making; The Bi meaning of data refers to making data provide effective support for decision-making

xtools often suggests that bosses learn to look at year-on-year and month on month charts. Year on year and month on month, both are trend analysis. Trends not only reflect the past, but also help us predict the future

merchandising timeline: let muddle headed get rid of the order

losing the order is like losing face, which makes the sales upset, and the boss even worse

what should I do? Documentary timeline

xtools provides an unprecedented function in the customer view of the latest plus version: hybrid documentary timeline

that is to say: documentary action, task, communication history, quotation, demand, scheme, etc., all the affairs and data of dozens of sales processes before, during and after sales, are mixed together and sorted by time. This means that: whether I have marked the customer to determine whether it is a large order, sent a text message to the customer, or sent a quotation to the customer. 1. I have made a quotation within the range of 10 ℃ (3) 5 ℃ at room temperature. Well, the fixed lines and calls mentioned above will be strictly sorted in the timeline

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