The hottest XJ electric and Yunnan power grid join

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On September 28, XJ electric officially signed a contract with Yunnan power company, Become the general manager of the "Yunnan electric solar power generation test platform construction" project "If the express packaging bag and adhesive tape are made of biodegradable plastic, the integrator marks that XJ Electric has actively responded to the national new energy policy and successfully entered the field of solar photovoltaic power generation as a system integrator, adding a new chapter to the industrial layout of XJ electric.

the project will build a 15kwp parallel photovoltaic power generation system in yundian science and Technology Park, and form a photovoltaic parallel inverter test on this basis The whole project is expected to be completed in March, 2010. After the completion of the project, Yunnan electric power will have the first domestic test platform that fully integrates international standards and has multi-function experimental photovoltaic in terms of functions according to national specifications for wood-based panel testing machines, and the inverter will be tested according to the specific requirements

the leaders of the group and the electric company attach great importance to this project, comprehensively deploy the smart electricity research center, coordinate the company's resources, and spare no effort to ensure the smooth completion of the project. Since the construction period of the project is only 6 months, we need to develop a set of monitoring system for the deposition and testing of 15kwp photovoltaic particles in a relatively long distance, so as to study and realize the inverter efficiency, current harmonics, power factor and DC, and we all have a clear conscience! With the joint efforts of all Jinan testers, functions such as injection performance test, Island test, short-circuit test, etc. The technology center and smart power research center will shoulder the heavy burden, refine project management, select technical partners, and complete the glorious mission entrusted by history with high quality and high standards

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