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Pay close attention to the entry point of "environmental protection + Intelligent Manufacturing" and create a "new landmark" for the development of the plastic industry.

recently, in Shandong Zhengjia Plastic Co., Ltd., the heads of the enterprise showed on the spot the thin-wall injection molding intelligent production equipment they introduced from Ningbo to produce new environmentally friendly plastic lunch boxes. The equipment has the functions of automatic feeding, intelligent injection molding, intelligent robot stacking, automatic product transmission and so on. Compared with the traditional production line, the production efficiency is increased by nearly three times, and the overall qualification rate of products is increased from 95% to 100%, truly realizing "intelligent manufacturing"

since this year, Liuguanzhuang town has taken "environmental protection + smart manufacturing" as the breakthrough and entry point for the transformation of the old and new kinetic energy of the town's traditional advantageous industries, accelerated the development process of "smart manufacturing", strengthened the technological upgrading of enterprises, accelerated the pace of industrial green development, promoted industrial transformation and upgrading and sustainable development, and created a "new landmark" for the development of the plastic industry

machine replacement intelligent manufacturing has achieved initial results

as a labor-intensive industry, the production of enterprises cannot be separated from mechanical equipment and operators. In the face of rising production costs and labor costs, many plastic enterprises abandon the traditional scale operation mode and turn to intelligent development. In the new environment-friendly plastic lunch box production workshop built by Shandong Zhengjia Plastic Co., Ltd., three thin-wall injection molding intelligent production lines imported from Ningbo are running continuously. Intelligent robots stack the finished products like a running stream, and workers are only responsible for the final product sealing process. According to the person in charge of the enterprise, this set of thin-walled injection molding intelligent production equipment takes the rapid injection molding machine as the host, integrates high-speed thin-walled molds, and then configures automatic equipment such as suction machine, chiller, mold temperature machine, high-speed side take-up and automatic stacking manipulator, so that they can automatically perform their respective tasks according to the set instructions, and realize intelligent interactive production through the communication and control between the main controller of the injection molding equipment and various auxiliary equipment

an intelligent production device can produce four environmental friendly plastic lunch boxes in six seconds, with an hourly output of 2400. Only one worker is required to be responsible for the final packaging into boxes. Labor and production and operation costs are greatly reduced, labor production efficiency is significantly improved, and product quality is also guaranteed. Enterprises that have tasted the sweetness plan to increase capital investment and invest another 30million yuan to introduce 30 similar equipment and automatic equipment such as six joint robot palletizing and automatic unpacking and sealing production line, so as to realize unattended and automatic production of the whole production chain. The plastic industry has gradually set off an upsurge of plastic manufacturing automation and intelligence, and the road of intelligent manufacturing will be wider and wider

technological transformation and innovation seize the commanding height of development

the introduction of intelligent equipment is not a simple machine to replace workers, but to improve production technology, change manufacturing into creation, recast the military spirit, we must first correct the military style, use new technology, new process, new equipment, new materials, etc. to transform production facilities and production process conditions, improve enterprise production efficiency, improve product quality, and develop new products. Shandong Botong Plastic Co., Ltd., the backbone enterprise in the park, is committed to the diversified development of the plastic industry and the development of new packaging materials. Through the traditional plastic knitting process, through the enterprise's own technological innovation and development, process improvement, it produces new composite materials such as polyethylene weeding cloth, plastic coated composite non-woven cloth, beach mats, car sheds, etc., which greatly improves the added value of products. It has obvious competitive advantages in similar products. At present, electronic tensile testing machines are widely used in the current scale and market share, ranking among the top five in China. The domestic market share of similar products is more than 5%. At the same time, it has also obtained more than 10 utility model patents and product appearance patents

guide the plastic industry to take the road of standardization and branding, and strengthen technological transformation to create famous brands. At present, the town has four enterprises, including Huayang Plastic, Kaishun tire, Xinggui plastic and Botong plastic, actively striving for Shandong famous brands, Shandong famous trademarks and Shandong standardized good behavior enterprises, and has taken a solid step in brand construction. Taking the opportunity of building Yunsu Town, the town plans to build "production, learning and research" innovative development carriers such as plastic exhibition hall, plastic business reception hall, Chuangzhi world, Yunke home and think tank, and successfully attracts experts from Tsinghua University to invest 3million yuan to register and establish Rizhao zhitianhe New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. to participate in the planning and design of the think tank

policy guidance opens the road of environmental protection and green

environmental protection is the premise of achieving sustainable development. Only by adhering to green development can we achieve sustainable development. "Relying on supervision", we will fight pollution with an iron fist and eliminate backward production capacity. Establish a "daily supervision and daily cancellation" system, and take "two breaks and three cleanups" measures for the "small scattered pollution" enterprises identified in the early stage, so as to fundamentally eliminate the scattered pollution sources; Actively implement the day and night duty system, and put an end to the shutdown and ban of enterprises and the resumption of production without rectification. 260 plastic production enterprises in the town stopped production for rectification; 393 plastic related individual industrial and commercial households and 6 granulation companies, 172 workshops were shut down and powered off, and 565 electricity meters were removed; 128 illegal granulation businesses were banned according to law

take the initiative, combine dredging and blocking, and support the green development of enterprises. Shandong lvzhiyuan Environmental Engineering Design Institute was hired to study the environmental protection treatment scheme for the entire blow molding industry, and developed a combined treatment process of "gas hood Collection + pretreatment + low temperature plasma + UV photolysis catalytic oxidation + honeycomb activated carbon adsorption + 15 meter chimney"; Experts from the Provincial Academy of environmental sciences have been invited to the town for on-site guidance twice to "feel the pulse" and "consult" for plastic enterprises; Combing and inviting 7 qualified environmental protection testing companies across the province to settle in enterprises to help with environmental protection rectification. At present, a total of more than 40 plastic related enterprises have completed the rectification, of which 9 enterprises such as Botong plastic, Zhengjia plastic, Huihe plastic and Zhenmin plastic have completed the rectification and resumed production, 35 plastic related enterprises are under acceptance, and the third batch of 68 plastic related enterprises are improving the EIA procedures and actively carrying out rectification. Implement the spirit of "see the joke about promoting the transformation and upgrading of the plastic industry in the county and supporting the green development of enterprises to produce the yield value of metal materials consistent with the maximum value". In the four aspects of enterprise R & D and application of new technology, agglomeration of green development, high-end brand construction, internal management, take out the renewable granulation of real gold, silver and waste plastics for real support, and the amount of support for a single enterprise can be increased to 2million yuan

gather in the park, accelerate upgrading, and boost the transformation of old and new kinetic energy. Reached a PPP strategic cooperation agreement with the municipal water group, financed 1.32 billion yuan to harden, afforest, brighten the roads in the park, and construct supporting facilities such as water supply, drainage, sewage, and "three lines" off the ground, and built a water purification plant with a daily water supply of 40000 m3 and a sewage treatment plant with a daily industrial wastewater treatment of 40000 m3. Actively explore multi-party financing channels, speed up the construction of standardized workshops, guide enterprises to enter the park for group development, and quickly expand and strengthen the park

the concept of transformation and upgrading and sustainable development has become the consensus of the whole town. More and more plastic enterprises have begun to use new technologies, new products and new models, continue to innovate and pursue excellence, and will surely build "the first town of China's plastic industry" into a domestic first-class and world-renowned "new landmark" of the plastic industry

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