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Technical features and innovative applications of folding machine (Part 2)

new features of folding machine structure

the following takes MBO folding machine as an example to briefly introduce some unique structures of the new folding machine

1. The anti-static paper feeding guide

folding machine adopts the front blowing overlapping paper feeding mode. After the paper is separated on the paper stacking table, the conveying task is completed by the air suction belt. The air suction belt adopts patented technology, which can ensure the high-speed and stable transmission process of paper. The suction vacuum degree can be adjusted, which can adapt to various types of paper. The paper pressing ball on the paper feeding guide rail of the traditional folding machine is eliminated, and even if the pressure-sensitive paper products are processed, there will be no indentation, which effectively improves the folding quality

2. New fence plate

the standard fence plate is made of stainless steel, and the upper front lip is coated with ceramic, which can prevent rubbing the printed matter or causing wear; The lower front lip is made of special technology, anti-static and stretchable; The inner width of the fence board and the paper stop gauge can be adjusted slightly; Adopt oscillating paper deflector

in addition, combined fence board can be selected. When a fence board needs to stop working, the paper stop gauge on the fence board can be adjusted to the zero position without moving the fence board. At this time, the paper stop board acts as a paper commutator. This combined fence board has simple structure and convenient operation. The comb shaped upper front lip adopts an integrated structure, which can accurately and reliably guide the paper into the folding roller. The contact surface is smaller, reducing wear and static electricity

3. Spiral folding roller

spiral folding roller is one of the patented equipment of MBO company, with strong clamping force; Even processing pressure-sensitive paper products will not leave any traces; In addition, the slitting shafts in all folding devices adopt plug-in bearings, which is more convenient for disassembly and assembly

4. Belt drive system

the folding machine adopts belt drive system, which has low noise and long service life. In the past 25 years, in the film thickness measurement method (method a) gb/t 1764 ⑺ 9 (89), MBO company has provided nearly 100000 sets of folding units with belt drive system for the global binding market

5. Silencing device/safety protection device

the machine design is more humanized, and the fence board is equipped with an isolation protective cover, which improves the silencing effect and protection function. When relevant operations need to be carried out, the protective cover can be easily opened

6. The control system

folding machine has a variety of controllers to choose from. For example, MBO has three different levels of control systems: Ms controller suitable for simple configuration of small format fence folding machine; As MC controller of standard configuration of fence folding machine and hybrid folding machine; As the MPC controller of the high-end configuration of the hybrid folding machine

the three control systems all adopt user-oriented design, which can automatically measure the paper specification, calculate the suction length and paper feeding distance, and electronically monitor the conveying process of printing sheets. The control system integrates three functions: operating system, maintenance and diagnosis system and multi-functional batch counter. Among them, the function of batch counter can be extended to production monitoring and report making. MPC controller can automatically calculate and optimize the yield of the folding knife according to the paper specification, and adjust the folding knife

7. Operation preparation system

rapidset operation preparation system the deformation measuring instrument with strong stability is one of the factors worth considering by users. The automatic setting of folding operation greatly shortens the operation preparation time. Its main functions are: automatic setting of fence board; Built in 65 standard folding schemes (selected from MBO folding scheme) and 250 user-defined folding schemes; Electronic operation guide for setting fence board, slitting paper axis and paper feeding spacing; All operations can be completed through terminals and monitors

8. Touch visual control system

navigator touch visual control system is a microprocessor control system, which integrates machine control, production monitoring and machine adjustment into a control management system. The counter function, image operation mode, large format folding and inserting control and rapidset system are all integrated into the system, which simplifies the operation process, realizes folding automation and reduces work errors

the system is equipped with a 15 inch touch screen. The operator can monitor and control the machine, and can consult the operation manual, parts catalogue, circuit diagram and other relevant technical data stored in the system in PDF format. In addition, it can also set the more complex folding operation in a simple way. According to the prompts on the screen, determine the folding scheme through the control panel, and then input the paper specification. Finally, the background intelligent system calculates and optimizes the speed, paper gap, suction length, etc. of the whole unit

the "real-time live part data" in the system can be used to arrange, monitor and check daily production conditions. After the current movable part enters normal operation, the data of the next movable part can be preset. After the production data is returned to the system, it can be used to accurately calculate the production cost of live parts and calculate the production time required for subsequent processes. After the live parts are processed, the real-time statistical data can be sent to the hard disk memory for storage, or sent to any place by email. In the production process, all folding equipment can be set through the terminal to minimize downtime

through the touch visual control system, live parts files can be created in many ways, and the reprocessed live parts can be read directly from the database; For new live parts, they can be output from the design center, selected from the memory folding scheme directory, or obtained from the digital workflow, or extracted from external CDs or emails

The data manager of MBO is also an open database management system that can be used for remote access and control, which is built on the windows operating platform. Using data manager software, MBO folding machine can be integrated into a workflow compatible with cip3/cip4 and JDF to realize the connection between the computer terminal in the office and multiple folding machines in the binding workshop. Through JDF technology or special network, the visual control system can also talk with the equipment and exchange live part data and preset data from MIS system or prepress link. For example, you can receive live part setting instructions from Cleo synapse upfront planner typesetting software. This visual control system is the most advanced operation monitoring and control system in folding machine

for a long time, the folding industry in China has prospered with the development of plastic processing machinery industry. Binding equipment such as machine, paper cutter, Slitter and stapler has been in a state of backward technology and low efficiency. With the market share of short version operation increasing year by year, the production cycle is getting shorter and shorter. The original equipment is far from meeting the new requirements of the digital era. The folding machine is developing in the direction of high speed and efficiency. The new generation of folding machine must be able to integrate the digital workflow of all links from pre press to post press. In addition to meeting the diversified and personalized needs of the binding market, printing enterprises also face a severe reality, that is, employees skilled in operation skills in the industry are increasingly difficult to find, especially in the binding link with a high degree of manual operation. The friendly operation interface with intelligence and man-machine dialogue is bound to become one of the important standards for printing enterprises to choose equipment

with the further integration of raw materials, production equipment and human resources, the post press processing market will gradually form a highly effective and intelligent production environment in which potential suppliers and COMAC cr929 project team work together. Therefore, the introduction of advanced binding equipment has become an effective means for enterprises to improve their competitive strength

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