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Technical features of chip conveyor

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the chip conveyor is mainly used to collect all kinds of metal and non-metal waste generated by the machine and transfer the waste to the collection vehicle. It can be used in conjunction with the filter water tank to recycle all kinds of coolant. Here is an introduction to the technical characteristics of the chip conveyor:

1. The chip conveyor has a good degree of automation and overload protection device, which can effectively reduce the failure rate of the basic chip conveyor.

2. Integrated 4. Pendulum pendulum Moving radius: r280 mm molding chain plate combined chip conveyor, with strong output, high degree of results, accurate coordination and stable action Tight bump design can prevent debris from adhering

3. The chip conveyor of machine tool works reliably. Investors are worried about the ore supply capacity of mtmarion lithium ore. It is your preferred model in wet processing

4. The new generation of machine tool chip remover adopts a wide range of scraping plates, which has excellent matching and effective practical application

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